Congregation Har Shalom in Fort Collins, Colorado, is seeking a full-time intentional interim Rabbi to provide religious, spiritual, educational, and pastoral leadership during a transitional time in our community. Our previous rabbis served our congregation for 7 years, and left in August of 2016. We have been lay led, except for High Holy Days, since they left. The process of the rabbis leaving created rifts within our community and we want to strengthen before searching for a settled rabbi. Furthermore, we are undergoing changes to our organizational structure as a result of a thorough strategic planning process that has been going on for more than a year and a half. Our community is growing, and we are aiming to consciously and coherently navigate a time between rabbis. In addition to leading services, educational programs, and life-cycle events, and other typical rabbinical duties, the intentional interim rabbi will help our congregation define our goals and corresponding transitional and long-term strategies. We anticipate the interim position will last one to two years, and plan to hire an Executive Director during this period.

Rabbi Qualifications: The following is a non-negotiable criterion: that any rabbi must actively support an inclusive environment for our community - this includes support for variation in religious practice, interfaith families, same-sex marriages, and racial diversity.
Community Description:

Har Shalom Center for Jewish Living
Values/Core Beliefs

• Foundation: We strive for spiritual growth and development in everything we do. We are a spiritual home for those settled in their Jewish practice and for those in search of a path.
• Diversity: We celebrate that we are a diverse and inclusive community of Jews and their families who practice Judaism in personally meaningful ways. We are a unique center for Jewish worship, learning and practice, drawing from a variety of Jewish traditions and teachings.
• Respect: We welcome all people and respect each person’s unique experience and perspective.
• Intimacy: We are warm, welcoming, and caring community. We focus on the needs of the community and the needs of each individual during all life stages. It is our priority to maintain a social connection and our sense of family as we grow.
• Home: We encourage home-based practice and the integration of Jewish values into daily life.
• Learning: We foster learning for all ages. We are a beacon for discussion and learning and a safe place to explore different perspectives in the tradition. Our learning programs for young people draw on the best practices and curriculum.
• Operations: We are fiscally responsible and promote excellence in our operations with our employees and staff.
• Ownership: Each member has a stake in the community and is encouraged to provide financial support, and to learn and participate in our activities. We pride ourselves in the volunteer engine that provides lay leadership and governance and a sense of belonging in the community.
• Greater community: We are part of the greater Jewish community, supporters of Israel and a vital part of our own local community. We are involved in a number of religious and secular activities that express our firm commitment to Tikkun Olam – healing our world.

Work Remotely: no

The three qualities that are the most important to our congregation in our interim rabbi:

Experience working with congregation in transition

Strong interpersonal and congregational skills,

Teamwork with our staff and volunteer leaders,


The three most important priorities of our interim rabbi should be:

Service leadership, community building/development, partnering with and empowering our lay leaders,

Position Start Date: ASAP, but no later than July 1, 2017
Salary Range: Total amount available for salary and benefits is $ 80,000 - $90,000…with increases as congregation grows.
Send resumes and cover letter to:

Madi Lapidot
2708 Canby Way
Fort Collins, CO 80525