In 2015, Rabbis Without Borders (RWB) launched the RWB Service Corps, a volunteer-driven program where rabbis give of their time to underserved Jewish communities – those who have no access to rabbis or other professional support. The response was tremendous. To our delight, many communities who had the resources to hire a rabbi for full- or part-time work also contacted us. These communities were unaffiliated with any Jewish denomination or movement, and needed help getting the word out that they had rabbinic positions available. We began to help them.

The goal of is to continue helping connect rabbis with opportunities for paid work anywhere (full-time, part-time, or even one-time): pulpit work, nonprofit, Hillel, school, or a new kind of venue.

If you are an employer, welcome! Please click here to begin your job post.

If you are a rabbi looking for work, welcome! Take a moment to upload your resume, an introductory video about yourself, and scroll through the job offerings.

We hope that you both find each other!

Rabbis Without Borders is a program of CLAL- The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership.