Love teaching Jewish beginners? Know how to make a simple YouTube video about the basics of Judaism? Then this one time project is ideal for you.

Darshan Yeshiva is developing its new slate of Judaism For Beginners courses. We are searching for rabbis or cantors in the Reform, Conservative/Masorti or Reconstructionist movement to make simple, straight forward educational videos around the subjects you might find in a Taste of Judaism or Derech Torah class.

Compensation is based on the number of usable hours of content you provide under our direction.


This is a one time, low commitment contract. However, it can turn into more opportunities for the right educators.

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Work Remotely: yes
  • Smicha from the Reform, Conservative, Masorti or Reconstructionist tradition. While we love our Orthodox, Renewal and Humanistic rabbis, we already have this content in the program
  • A background teaching Taste of Judaism or other similar courses
  • An ability to distill the essence of spirituality, text and community into sessions one hour or less
  • Knowledge of how to make basic YouTube videos. While we can give you the specifics of what we're looking for, if you have never made a video with your camera, phone or computer, this is not for you
Position Start Date: July 22, 2019
Salary Range: Compensation structure will be explained in our interview
Send resumes and cover letter to:


About Darshan Yeshiva

Darshan Yeshiva is considered one of the premier Jewish educational resources. A "yeshiva for beginners", DY is best known for its distance learning based conversion to Judaism program which includes rabbis from Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Renewal and post-denominational backgrounds.