Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy – a co-educational Pre-K through 12th grade school with strong Judaic and general studies programs- is seeking a dynamic, inspired, and committed educational leader to serve as our new Head of School.
The ideal candidate should have the following attributes:
• Represent and project the school’s core values:
• Respect the school population’s diversity of Jewish practices, affiliation and socio-economic status – and recognize this diversity as a strength of the school.
• Maintain the school’s reputation as a school of excellence that is a warm, nurturing environment, embodying the highest Jewish ethical values.
• Strong leadership and organizational management skills:
• Development of, and delegation to, strong management and administrative staff.
• Excellent interpersonal skills including warm oral and written communication ability, particularly with respect to interaction with students, parents, staff, and the external community.
• Outstanding leadership skills particularly with respect to setting the school’s agenda and direction (in concert with the Board), setting goals for the school, staff and students and performing to those goals.
• Strong financial planning and oversight.
• Development of strong relationships with the potential donor pool, and ability to raise significant funds from them.
• Academic background in administration and teaching, preferably within Jewish day schools.
• Reside in the greater Stamford community, and be a strong voice for the school within the community.

Work Remotely: no

Head of School Responsibilities (Major Areas Equally Weighted)
Educational and Administrative Leadership
• Student Achievement: Monitor academic progress and help sustain continued improvement in secular and Judaic studies.
• Curriculum Review: Serve as the chief articulator of the educational agenda, expectations, and priorities for the school. Approve and oversee selection of curricular materials and instructional programs for both secular and Judaic studies.
• Staff Development: Monitor staff development and improvement both in pedagogic skills, as well as in the use and integration of technology within the curriculum. Serve as a resource and provide professional development for teachers and administrative staff in the performance of their duties.
• Supervision and Evaluation: Monitor and oversee the direct supervision of the instructional and administrative staff. Conduct performance evaluations, maintain up-to-date personnel files, and provide ongoing performance feedback to the staff.
• Personnel: Assume full responsibility and control over the employment of faculty and other school personnel, including recruitment and hiring of staff.
Communication/Interaction with Parents
• Provide timely, warm, “customer-centric” communication with parents regarding programs, activities, classroom/curriculum changes, policy decisions.
• Meet with Parent Association regularly or as requested.
• Assure availability and responsiveness to parent request and input.
• Establish a structure to assure that parent calls/requests for meetings are handled in a timely manner.
Community Relations and Development
• Maintain personal visibility at community based activities and events.
• Serve as a liaison between the school and community agencies and institutions.
• Enhance the integration of the school into the fabric of the communities it serves, and with other appropriate community organizations and agencies.
Fiscal Management and Fundraising
• Plan, monitor, and oversee the school’s budget and ongoing fiscal performance.
• Timely communication with the Treasurer and Finance Committee regarding fiscal management issues, payables, receivables, and financial statements.
• In conjunction with the Development Team, work closely with the Board of Directors on fundraising.
• Develop positive relationships with potential major contributors to the school.
Board of Directors Interface
• Reports to the Officers and Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees.
• Works with the Executive Committee to develop and articulate policy for the school, employment of administrators, calendar, and other significant issues.
• Provides timely communication with the President and/or other designated Executive Committee members regarding emergencies, crises, or other unusual events and circumstances. Consults with outside agencies as needed.

Position Start Date: July 1, 2020
Send resumes and cover letter to:

Interested applicants are encouraged to send a resume and cover letter to the Search Committee in care of our Prizmah search consultant, Amy Wasser, by e-mail to: amyw@prizmah.org

About Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy

Stamford is a vibrant city with attractive residential areas, located only 45 minutes by car or frequent commuter train service from New York City. We have a growing Jewish community of over 12,000, with a rapidly expanding population of young Modern Orthodox families. Stamford boasts 3 kosher restaurants, several supermarkets well-stocked with kosher food, a kosher bakery, two Orthodox synagogues, a Conservative synagogue, a Reform synagogue, a Chabad Lubavitch, and an active Jewish Community Center. Many Jewish organizations are also located in Stamford such as
United Jewish Federation of Greater Stamford, New Canaan, & Darien, Schoke Jewish Family Services, the Jewish
Historical Society of Fairfield County, and Hadassah. Stamford also offers a Mikvah, Eruv, Chevra Kadisha, and a Daf Yomi Shiur to our residents. Stamford has regular Amtrak Northeast Corridor service, and is 15 minutes from Westchester (HPN) Airport and 45 minutes from LaGuardia (LGA) Airport.