Wellington, New Zealand is the first Jewish Community in the world to greet each new Shabbat, and it brings unique opportunities for the right Rabbinical couple. The Wellington Jewish Community Centre is a modern Orthodox synagogue and follows Minhag Anglia. We are seeking a Rabbinical couple who can bring knowledge, passion, enthusiasm, and heart to all Jews in Wellington.

The Rabbi will have a varied and busy work life, involved in all aspects of the Jewish Life Cycle. Duties include giving the weekly sermon, reading the Torah, and developing ways to make Shabbat and Festival services more engaging, whilst also remaining respectful to our traditions. Currently, the Shul has services on Friday night, Shabbat morning, Monday morning, and on all festivals. The Rabbi will understand that one person really can make a difference in a small community and will find ways to make all Jews in Wellington feel welcome.

The Rabbi will play an active role in educating children in our Weekly ‘Orot’ Hebrew School, teach Bar and Bat Mitzvah classes, support the Jewish Youth Groups with programs for teenagers, and provide shiurim for adults. Pastoral care is an important part of the role, visiting elderly and sick members of the community as well as reaching out to people who are less affiliated. The entertainment allowance permits the Rabbinical couple to host members of the community and visitors for Shabbat and Festival meals and foster a love of Judaism. We, in turn, hope to make our new Rabbi and Rebbetzin an integral part of our WJCC family.

As the only Orthodox Rabbi in the capital city of New Zealand, the Rabbi will also represent the community and Judaism at public events, such as the Holocaust Memorial service at Parliament, or events involving the Wellington Abrahamic Council of Jews, Christians, and Muslims and other Interfaith organizations.

Kashrut Certification is an important source of income and pride for our community. The Rabbi will make kashrut inspections to food suppliers around the country, as well as reaching out to new companies who may be interested in having their products certified as Kosher.

The Rebbetzin would be expected to be involved in all aspects of the community, including pastoral care, hosting families, teaching, and supporting women attending the Mikveh. There are also many opportunities for her to be involved in broader developments in the community and to bring her own initiatives.

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How do you do Jewish : Our community is affiliated Orthodox, but the membership is diverse and includes some fully orthodox families, some families where only one partner is Jewish, some same sex couples, some families who don't attend services but affiliate through zionism or classes or Holocaust Museum volunteering and so much more
Community Description:

There have been continuous Shabbat services in Wellington since 1843 and our community is made up of a mix of families who have been in New Zealand for generations, along with immigrants from Israel, South Africa, UK, Eastern Europe and Israel.

We have a large beautiful community centre, home to a Synagogue, a second small Shul, Kosher Store, a social hall and kitchen, classrooms for our Hebrew School, a kindergarten, the Holocaust Centre of New Zealand, The New Zealand Jewish Archives and other community organisations.

Work Remotely: no

Smicha from a recognized Orthodox Institute.

In addition, we expect our new Rabbi to:

  • Be a team player.
  • Be a self-starter and self-reliant.
  • Have effective organizational skills.
  • Be flexible and sensitive to the dynamics of a family/work schedule.


Position Start Date: February 7, 2023

The parsonage includes a salary for the Rabbi and the Rebbetsen, free accommodation in 3 bedroom house across the road from the community center, a car, many utilities, a discount at the Kosher Store, and subsidized attendance for children at the community pre-school, relocation costs, and more.

Salary Range: The salary and parsonage will put the Rabbi comfortably in the top third of earners in the community
Send resumes and cover letter to:

Ben Sedley, Chair Rabbinic Search Committee

About Wellington Jewish Community Centre

The Wellington Jewish Community Centre has approximately 250 members, but we punch way above our weight. We have Shabbat and Festival services, a kosher store, Jewish kindergarten and many social, educational and Zionist activities each year.

Wellington, New Zealand the capital of New Zealand, is a beautiful compact city, the cultural capital of New Zealand. It encompasses a waterfront promenade, sandy beaches, a working harbour and colourful timber houses on surrounding hills. The Wellington Jewish Community Centre is in the centre of the city. The community provide a furnished three bedroom house for the Rabbinical family across the road from the Community Centre. The city would be perfect for a couple who enjoy exploring nature and bushwalks, but also as a capital city Wellington has a bustling city, broad range of arts and activities and a friendly ‘kiwi’ attitude.