The religious community of Chernivtsi, Ukraine we would like to find a rabbi who would agree to be the mentor of the Community on an ongoing basis. But for now, if there is no suitable candidate, we would like, as a minimum program, to have someone in the synagogue who reads the Torah from the scroll.

Type of service are you envisioning: Reading the Siddur "Nusakh Sfarad", reading Torah from the scroll, organize and support Jewish holidays, and all events according to the Jewish traditions.
How do you do Jewish : Just Jews. We keep the tradition.
Why you need a rabbi: Rabbi of our Community Mr. Noah KOFMANSKY, who during 26 years was the spiritual leader of the Community, left this world on the eve of Shavuot, 6 Sivan 5778 year, peace be upon his soul in Gan Eden.
Timing Expectations: before Rosh-ha-Shana 5779
Community Description:

350 members including youth and children, 70 permanent members. At Saturday always minyan of halachic Jews.

Work Remotely: no

Knowledge of the Torah and traditions. Reading Torah and Megilat from the scroll.

Position Start Date: before Rosh-ha-Shana 5779

accommodation, kosher food, full respect

Salary Range: as agreed
Send resumes and cover letter to:

by email: vadim1202@aol.com,
by regular mail to the following address: Mr. Averbukh, Synagoge, L. Kobilitsy str., 53; Chernivtsy city, 58003, UKRAINE
by Whats App +380 50 4343236

About The religious community of Judaic cult of the Chernivtsy region. UKRAINE.

After the funeral of our leader Rabbi Noakh KOFMANSKY, the community was holding a meeting at which was elected the community board. Mr. Shapsa-ben-Israel AVERBUKH-ha-COHEN was elected as chairman of the board. The service in the synagogue continues, always on Saturdays, there is a minyan from at least ten halachic Jews and prayers go on. But in the synagogue, there is no one who could read the Torah from the scroll.

Mr. Vadim KOLOTUSHKIN reads our usual Siddur "Nusah Sfarad." Some sections he reads comparatively well, some are just fine, and some are not very good. There is not enough knowledge and experience. The result is not very good and, therefore, the Community would like to find a qualified person for conducting worship in our synagogue in Chernivtsi city, UKRAINE, according to the canons and rules of service.