Our small Reform congregation, located in Monticello, NY, would like to find a rabbi or other learned individual who can lead High Holiday services for us. Our rabbi is retiring at the end of June, and we are currently negotiating for a replacement part-time rabbi. Our current candidate is already booked up for the High Holidays, so we will be in need of somebody to lead services for Rosh Hashanah (2 Erevs and 2 days) and Yom Kippur (Erev and day).

By car, we are about two hours from New York City. We can arrange overnight accommodations. Our congregation has been doing services both in person and via zoom, though this depends on the covid situation at the time of the High Holidays. We are likely to have about 100 attendees for services during the holidays.

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Type of service are you envisioning: Reform, audience participation is preferred (eg, for aliyahs, discussion of the parsha, candle lighting)
How do you do Jewish : Reform
Why you need a rabbi: We hold services regularly on Friday evenings, but our regular leader will not be available for the High Holidays
Timing Expectations: High Holidays 2022
Rabbi Qualifications: experience leading services
Community Description:

We are located in a rural area in the foothills of the Catskills. There are no other Reform (or even Conservative) congregations for about 25 miles. The majority of Temple Sholom members are between 60 and 85 years of age. We have a congenial Board and a beloved rabbi who will retire June 30 due to health limitations. The congregants are friendly and welcoming. Many are volunteers who are forthcoming with their time.
About a third of our congregation spends the winter months in warmer climes. For that reason, we have more activities in the summer than we do in the colder months — a reversal of the usual pattern. Our congregants observe various forms of religious practice and have various levels of religious background. We have quite a few mixed marriages and some converts, as well as a fair number of people who were raised in Orthodox or Conservative households. Not only is this a Reform congregation, but most members are tolerant and liberal in many matters.

Work Remotely: no

Ordained Reform rabbi would be nice, but not essential.

Musical ability is a plus, but we are accustomed to using music from the internet.

Must be able to use Zoom, because we are likely to have hybrid (in-person and Zoom) services for the holidays. (Congregants can provide some technical assistance.)


Position Start Date: September 25, 2022
Send resumes and cover letter to: