We are a small, mostly senior adult reform congregation in Myrtle Beach.  WE ARE LOOKING FOR A PART-TIME RELIGIOUS LEADER.  Perfect spot for a retired Rabbi or Jewish educator who is knowledgeable about leading Shabbat, Holiday, and High Holiday services as well as adult education and general religious activities.  We have beautiful beaches, a great standard of living (SC is very senior friendly), and an active group of people who are really invested in keeping our synagogue moving forward.  We have our own building complete with Torah, Bimah, Tree of Life, Memorial Board, but no Rabbi or Religious leader.  We have an active Sisterhood and Brotherhood.  This is a perfect congregation for a retiree who wants to stay active in Jewish life.  We have limited resources but we are worth it!

Type of service are you envisioning: We want a Rabbi/Religious leader who is interested in leading us throughout the year, wants to be in a community of Jews from all over the country, and is sensitive to mixed marriages and partnership, converts to Judaism, and the Jewish community at large in the Myrtle Beach, SC area.
How do you do Jewish : Reform
Work Remotely: no

The candidate should be able to lead Shabbat, holiday, and High Holiday services.  The person we hire should be interested in a real community of Jews who have celebrated 14 plus years as a reform congregation.  Many of our congregation have led services, etc., but would love to work with someone who can teach us more.

About Temple Shalom of Myrtle Beach

Temple Shalom of Myrtle Beach is beginning its 14th year of service to the community.  We purchased our own building 5 years ago.  Although small and senior, we have a busy congregation including Shabbat services, Holiday services and celebrations, Sisterhood, Brotherhood, and an active social schedule.  Myrtle Beach is a fast growing community and we hope to attract more and more retirees and perhaps younger families who are moving to this area.  Our members had 11 years of a fine Rabbi and this year coming will be an interesting adventure for all of us.