Temple Emanu-El of Palm Beach is an egalitarian synagogue affiliated with the Conservative Movement.  As such, the Temple is committed to creating a kehilla kedusah — a holy community — rooted in the values of Torah (Jewish learning), Avodah (worship), and Gemilut Hasidim (sacred deeds to repair the world).

The Temple’s mission is to pursue those values by creating a congregation where lifelong Jewish learning is an essential part of the lives of our members, achieved through a special emphasis on bringing Jewish knowledge and an appreciation for Jewish learning, infused into all areas of the synagogue.

The role and task of the Temple’s Life Education Rabbi will be to focus on those goals, with primary responsibility for envisioning, implementing, and supervising the establishment of the Temple as a recognized and branded “Jewish Learning Center” offering multi-generational Jewish education programming options, both formal and informal, for children, adults, parents and families, located at the Temple, in private homes and wherever else that members (as well as unaffiliated Jews), their interests and their access will attract.

As the administrative head of Jewish educational programming under the Temple’s Senior Rabbi, the Life Education Rabbi will also staff and participate in the Temple’s relevant committees, including the Religious School, Adult Education, Membership, and Programming committees.  In addition, the Life Education Rabbi will be invited to attend Temple Board Meetings and will report to the Board when requested by the President of the Temple and/or the Senior Rabbi.

At the same time, the Life Education Rabbi will be a partner with the Temple’s other clergy and lay leadership and will be expected to participate and lead, if and as needed, in all aspects of rabbinic and congregational life, within a framework established by and at the direction of the Temple’s Senior Rabbi and coordination with the Temple’s Executive Director.

Work Remotely: no

General administrative responsibilities for all educational programming

Collaborate with the Senior Rabbi and lay leadership to develop and implement an integrated program of formal and informal-based learning opportunities for the entire congregation

Partner with the school, youth and adult education committees to achieve the educational goals of the congregation.

Curriculum development, recruitment, supervision and in-service instruction of teachers for both on-site and off-site instruction

Development and maintenance of relationships with all students (young and old) and their parents and guardians where applicable, involving frequent communication about the educational programs and activities of the Temple

Adult education coordination and administration, and teaching as appropriate

Whole family education coordination, direction and teaching, and participation

Coordinate and actively participate in the planning and implementation of special programming for Shabbat, holidays and High Holy Day services and celebrations, for children and their families, including grade level family services, class programs, holiday programs, Learning Center wide programs, B’nai Mitzvah family, Shabbatons, school trips, retreats and special events within the Temple community

Coordination of informal youth programming for children of all ages

Coordination with the Cantor regarding the Bar/Bat Mitzvah curriculum and process and providing management and administrative support for it

Creating and conducting post Bar/Bat Mitzvah programming, including the creation of return to Temple and trips to Israel programs

Promoting and creating and overseeing publicity for all of above, internally on a regular basis and externally when appropriate, utilizing relevant social media and other platforms

Lead or co-lead monthly Tot Shabbat and Family Services.

Provide “on-call” and pre-arranged coverage for Rabbi when requested for life-cycle events, worship and community events.

Establish meaningful relationships with current and prospective member families, leading to improved membership recruitment and retention.

Creating and leading programs and activities at Temple Emanu-El for young families, including pre-holiday workshops, family Shabbat services and dinners and Shabbat morning programs

Serve as the advisor or hiring and supervising the advisor for the Temple’s Kadima and USY chapters

Become active in the larger Jewish community by planning and/or attending programs that attract young families

Assume a share of other rabbinic functions -- pastoral, Shabbat, Holiday, and High Holy Day services, life cycle, teaching, counseling, and preaching -- when called upon by the Senior Rabbi to do so, and as time permits

Coordinate all activities with the Senior Rabbi and Temple Executive Director

Personal Qualifications:

Creative, optimistic and passionate about making a difference in the future of Judaism

Charismatic leadership skills

Demonstrated ability to serve as a role model and mentor for our youth

Self-motivated and energetic with a vision for youth participation, engagement and growth

Experience working with families and children of all ages, with a strong background in informal Jewish education

The ability to set aggressive but realistic goals and a track record of accomplishing them

Enthusiasm for living a Jewish life and practices including adherence to kashrut standards and Shabat observance of the Conservative Movement

Ability to work independently and take the initiative to do what is necessary to get the job done, and to work collaboratively as part of a team

Effective management, communication and inter-personal skills

Technological proficiency, including ability and willingness to make effective use of communication tools, including social media in support of a strategy for identifying and connecting with Jewish youth

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Position Start Date: July 1, 2022
Salary Range: $75,000 to $125,000
Send resumes and cover letter to:

Amy Szoke

About Temple Emanu-El of Palm Beach

At Temple Emanu-El of Palm Beach we strive to make our congregation a Kehillah Kedoshah – a Holy Community – one dedicated to Torah (Jewish Learning), Avodah (Prayer and Spiritual Growth), and Gimilut Hasadim (Personal Kindness, Community and Social Action). Fully egalitarian, we believe that engaging in the core values of our Jewish tradition will impact the way we live, think and act as Jews, and will serve as a catalyst for real change in us and in the world we all share.