Opportunity for a colleague in the greater Los Angeles area. A new senior retirement community is
looking for a rabbi to lead a 1-hour Friday night service twice a month plus a 20-minute service for the
residents of the Memory Care unit. Located in Playa Vista (between Marina Del Rey and Culver City) this
community currently holds lay-led services. They enjoy singing and are open to guitar accompaniment.
They describe their style as Conservative Lite. Attendance on Friday nights runs between 20-40 people.


They are offering a salary of $200 per service plus additional compensation for the service in the
Memory Care unit. They would also like to develop a pastoral relationship with the rabbi and discuss
compensation with him or her for work in grief counseling, for example. This is a group of seniors who
have been active in Jewish life their whole lives and want to continue to make it a part of their life in
their new home.


Work Remotely: no
Send resumes and cover letter to:

Connie Robin, 1010wdc@gmail.com