The Rabbi will serve as spiritual leader and halachic authority of the congregation and will minister to the religious, educational and pastoral needs of its members.

They shall:

·       Work in conjunction with the congregation and its Board of Directors to attain the goals set forth in the Congregation’s mission statement and by-laws

·       Actively spearhead membership growth efforts for the shul

·       Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and ability to inspire and motivate members of all levels of observance

·       Strive to develop a personal relationship with each Congregation member

·       Together with the worship committee set the tone and content of all worship services

·       Manage daily worship services, providing such attendance does not conflict with other rabbinical responsibilities or scheduled time off

·       Read Torah and lead davening when needed

·       Officiate at life cycle events of congregants and their families, including weddings, funerals, Bar and Bat Mitzvot and baby namings

·       Provide pastoral duties including counseling members when requested and Bikur Cholim for congregants and their immediate families either at home, hospital or in a care facility

·       Provide regularly scheduled classes of interest to congregants, including Bnei mitzvah tutoring

·       Develop and lead various programs for congregants. Such programs may be designed to also attract outside participation

·       Be responsible for assuring the kashrut of the congregation, including but not limited to the kitchens

·       Be available and responsible for selling of chametz before Pesach

·       Write articles for shul bulletins and, if so inclined, external Jewish publications

·       Provide fundraising support to the congregation at the request of the President or Board of Directors and be willing to take on the task of soliciting funds directly

·       Be active in the Jewish and secular communities, developing relationships with prospective members of the community, Jewish organizations in the Chicago area and supporting pro-Israel causes

·       Participate in congregation Board of Directors meetings when requested to help plan and coordinate congregation activities

·       In coordination with the Officers and Board of Directors, lead the congregation in a direction that will enhance the congregation’s future

Community Description:

Lincolnwood is situated in between the West Rogers Park/Peterson Park neighborhoods of Chicago and Skokie, largely Jewish neighborhoods in the greater Chicago area with supporting institutions, including excellent Jewish Day Schools, Kosher restaurants, bakeries, etc.

Work Remotely: no

We are looking for a Rabbi with Orthodox Smicha and adherent to a Modern Orthodox approach to Judaism who is:

1.     Willing to work with all members of our shul in easing the transition we have made from a mixed-seating Traditional institution to an Orthodox congregation

3.     Experienced in leading a multi-generational synagogue

4.     Adherent to the precept of Torah given at Mount Sinai

5.     Able to Lain Torah and function as Shaliach Tzibbur

6.     Able to deliver a drasha at all Shabbat and Yom Tov services

7.     Experienced and dedicated to growing membership, including conducting outreach to engage participation in shul events

8.     Dedicated to serving and being a leader in the Jewish community of our city

9.     An advocate for the survival of Israel as the homeland for the Jewish people

10.  A skilled educator

Position Start Date: By the end of June, or sooner, if available
Send resumes and cover letter to:


About Lincolnwood Jewish Congregation AG Beth Israel

Our congregation, founded 60 years ago when the Chicago Orthodox community determined that allowing mixed seating congregations would enhance membership in new Orthodox congregations, has an older population. We need to attract new young families from a community that no longer recognizes "Traditional" as a part of Orthodoxy and recently voted to have a permanent mechitzah in our main sanctuary, the only barrier between joining mainstream orthodoxy. We have a lovely building and a warm and caring community to support this effort.