We are a unique community in a small Mexican Pueblo. (close to Guadalajara)

Our community is largely comprised of ex-Pats

If a service leader wants to retire and help our synagogue have an inspiring service leader, please contact us.


A small, mainly expat, 25-year-old synagogue in the Lake Chapala area near Guadalajara, Mexico, seeks an inspirational, knowledgeable person to lead services every Friday night and Saturday morning, plus major Jewish holidays, and perform life cycle events as requested. Spanish is a plus; English is required. We are a mixture of all Jewish traditions in the second-best climate in the world.

  • Conduct Shabbat Friday night and Saturday morning service:
  • Know the Siddur (Saturday services)
  • Read Torah
  • Write and deliver a d’var Torah
  • Facilitate the ritual and observances for the following annual holidays:
  • High Holy Days (know the Machzor)
    • Passover
    • Chanukah
    • Purim
    • Sukkot
    • Simchat Torah
  • Be on the Ritual Committee
  • Periodically attend LCJC social events

Tagged as: rabbi or cantor service leader

How do you do Jewish : Conservative
Why you need a rabbi: 15 hours a week plus high holidays
Community Description:

Pueblo magical. Mostly ex pats

Work Remotely: no

Lead services, teach the Torah, be involved in the community, pastoral services

Position Start Date: Asap

1 week paid vacation

Salary Range: $1000-$2000 per month
Send resumes and cover letter to:

Interested in serving our Congregation in Ajijic, Mexico? Please contact: eyelandgirl2@gmail.com

The position is approximately 15 hours a week.

About Lake Chapala Jewish Congregation

Lake Chapala Jewish Congregation (LCJC) is a small, friendly, inclusive, culturally diverse and independent shul. We have members who may affiliate with the Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or Reconstructionist movements. We believe in making Judaism available and accessible to all who seek it. We serve the Lakeside community, and our doors are open to everyone, including interfaith and same sex couples and families. We encourage participation from all who seek a religious, spiritual, or social connection to Jewish life.


Our Siddur and Mahzor follow the Reconstructionist Movement.

We do not allow meat or treif in the LCJC kitchen.