Under the direction of incoming Rabbi Gil Steinlauf, Kol Shalom of Rockville, MD is pleased to announce the creation of a new Ritual Coordinator position.  This part-time position (about 10-hours a week, with no requirement to attend Shabbat and holiday services) offers an exciting opportunity to work with Rabbi Steinlauf and his new team as they envision together a new kind of suburban synagogue, one that not only meets spiritual needs of all ages, but creatively challenges its members to grow and to heal the world.

The Ritual Coordinator (RC) will play a vital role in ensuring that all aspects of the congregational ritual life flourishes and supports this developing new vision.  Working closely with  the guidance and support of Rabbi Steinlauf, the RC functions in five key areas:

General Administrative:  The RC works as the master of all lists and databases, making sure that everything from ritual roles to maintenance of sacred objects are functioning smoothly and maintained beautifully.

Shabbat Coordination:  A major soul-center of Kol Shalom is its vibrant Shabbat community.  The RC will ensure that its ritual life reflects the spirit and beauty of Shabbat by matching services with the right leaders and teachers with students of ritual roles. He/she will also ensure that all those playing parts are aware of the ever-shifting aspects of Shabbat services throughout the year.

Bnai Mitzvah:  As the face of Kol Shalom in much of the Bnai Mitzvah educational process, the RC has an important role to play in bringing families close to Torah.  Working closely with Rabbi Steinlauf, the RC will oversee the various aspects of the Bnai Mitzvah process–from meeting with families as they prepare for this milestone, to working with students and families to prepare their booklets, to rehearsing with students and families before the big day.

Ritual Education:  The RC is an accomplished and knowledgeable ritual leader.  As such, his/her talents will go to further the ritual knowledge and depth of the community. The RC will be the lead teacher for new adult service leaders and leyners.  He/she will be hands-on in the education and training of our kids in synagogue skills.  And he/she will lead periodic adult classes and workshops in various synagogue skills.

Holiday Coordination:  As with Shabbat, the sacred experience of the Jewish holidays fall under the direction of the RC.  The RC assigns all the relevant readers and daveners for these experiences, as well as ensures that all holiday elements (with the exception of the High Holy Days) function beautifully.

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Work Remotely: no

Applicants for this position must have demonstrated experience and skill in areas including the following:

* Exceptional management and communication skills.
* Torah-trope and leyning
* Haftarah and Megillah tropes
* Shabbat, weekday, and holiday Nusach and service-leading
* Experience and skill with the laws, rules and customs of Conservative Movement services.
* Teaching experience, especially in synagogue skills and practices
* High degree of “EQ” and the ability to be a supportive and calming presence for nervous beginners.

Position Start Date: July 1, 2019
Salary Range: 10K-15K
Send resumes and cover letter to:


About Kol Shalom

We are an egalitarian community of Jews committed to the continuity of the Jewish people and Jewish traditional observance as a guide to full participation in American society and the modern world. We strive for spiritual growth through prayer, Torah study, and observance of Mitzvot.

We take personal responsibility for Tikkun Olam (repair and improvement of our world) through our individual paths of halakha (traditional ethical and ritual guide for thought and action), family life, and social action to help others. We value our community and look for ways to reach out to other members of the community to share joy and sorrow, mark lifecycle events, and help in times of need.

We recognize the centrality of the State of Israel as the homeland for the Jewish people. We support Israel to ensure its continued survival, prosperity, and moral character. We advocate for the affirmation of all streams of recognized Jewish thought and observance within Israeli society and seek to support and assist the Masorti movement.

We affirm the Torah as the source of law and teaching for the Jewish people and commit to study of Torah as a guide for thought and action. We value the mitzvot (commandments) and strive to act in accordance with mitzvot in our daily lives. We commit to the continuing study and interpretation of Torah, as has been studied throughout Jewish history, as essential for adapting Jewish observance to historical and social circumstance.  In this way we affirm our identity as a Conservative congregation. We embrace Jews regardless of their level of observance of mitzvot or knowledge of Torah.

We affirm the place of prayer and spiritual connection with God in our lives as individuals and as a congregation. We strive to make avodah (worship) meaningful through traditional texts, song and melody, private thought, and connection with the world's beauty.

Gemilut Hasadim : Acts of Loving kindness
We strive to demonstrate our commitment to Torah and prayer through actions to help the poor, the sick, and the unfortunate. We perform g'milut hasadim (acts of kindness) through social and political action, direct service to those in need, and financial support.