Grades served: 9th 12th Size of student population: 100
Size of Avg. class: 10 18 students
Judaic Studies Teacher Reports to Judaic Studies Curriculum Coordinator
General description: All JS teachers will teach 4-5 periods of Judaic Studies per day (preferably including Talmud) to a different section of students and will be involved in Jewish life in the school.
How this job fits in our school: Judaic Studies are the core of the Atlanta Jewish Academy experience. Our parent body selects our school because we present a model of high achievement on both sides of the curriculum. Beyond the classroom, our JS faculty work closely with the administration to provide a nurturing, dynamic environment for spiritual growth. Many of our students meet their primary Jewish role models within the walls of AJA and full-time teachers will function as a primary role model for our young men and women.
The successful candidate will begin their day davening with the students, followed by 4+ periods of Judaic studies teaching. Beyond his/her role in the classroom, this teacher will supervise the students day to day school experience from managing their behavior in the hallways to meeting one on one with students seeking guidance.
Community Description:

AJA is a Modern-Orthodox, Zionistic school with a strong focus on critical thinking and skill-building in Judaic Studies and College-preparatory General Studies. AJA has a significant record of successful technology integration throughout the school and has recently implemented an innovative two-track program with a wide range of offerings.

Work Remotely: no
Send resumes and cover letter to:

Those interested should please contact Rabbi Ari Leubitz aleubitz@atljewishacademy.org 404-849-1124