Concurrent Responsibilities:

  • Proposes and executes separate operating budgets (each $300,000 in 2016).
  • Manages part-time and seasonal staff to execute routine and program related activities.
  • Develops, guides, and assists volunteer committees. Participates in committee activities as needed.
  • Prepares and presents financial and program related reports for each governing (separate) board.
  • Prepares financial and programmatic materials for committee chairs and board members for their use and reporting at board meetings
  • Aggressively uses social and conventional media to assure programs and activities are visible within the Jewish Community, and where appropriate, to the overall local community.
  • Promotes cooperation and coordination among all Jewish institutions and organizations within the community.
  • Develops and nurtures good relationships with other community organizations sharing Jewish community mutual interests and values.
  • Maintains liaison relationships with other regional and national Jewish Federation and Jewish Community Center organizations.
  • Coordinates the development of new and continuing Jewish community wide programs. Current programs include Yom Hashoah observance, an annual Jewish Film Festival, and a brunch for college students at the local university.
  • Maintains relationship with the local FBI agent, Sheriff’s and Emergency Planning Offices as necessary.

Augusta Jewish Federation Job Responsibilities:

  • Develops and nurtures ongoing relationships with major donors.
  • Assures compliance to all federal, state and local government financial, and personnel requirements.
  • Develops and assists volunteers to staff the annual fund raising campaign and other AJF campaign related events.
  • Solicits applications for allocations from charities for the Allocations Committee.
  • Uses Donor Perfect to manage and develop contributor data base for use in Board and Campaign meetings.
  • Proactively reaches out to local media on matters impacting the Jewish Community and Israel.
  • Acts as a resource for the Augusta community seeking speakers on Jewish and Israel subjects.
  • Manages the AJF scholarship, Life and Legacy and PJ Library Programs.
  • Manages and supports the Coordinator of the Jewish Family Services program.
  • Assists all Committee Chairs in their activities such as selecting, procuring and preparing venues, pledge cards, speakers, food, etc.
  • Assists AJF website manager to assure it stays updated.
  • Makes presentations to Bar and Bat Mitzvah children from the Charles Marks Fund at their occasion.
  • Directs, manages and or delegates other activities as deemed necessary by the AJF board to enhance the AJFs mission.

The AJCC Executive Director Job Responsibilities

  • Maintains the facility. Assures compliance to all federal, state and local government financial, personnel, and environmental health and safety requirements.
  • Develops and implements community programming for users ranging from early childhood through senior citizens. These programs encompass interest in culture, arts, sports, health and fitness, community concerns, Judaica, etc. Expectation is for at least five programs per month, except during the High Holiday, Passover and summer months, with a least three occurring in the evening or on weekends.
  • Recruits new members. Encourages member participation in AJCC activities.
  • Hires and supervises the day camp director. Oversees the operation of the AJCC summer day camp.
  • Oversees the AJCCs aquatic and sports programs.
  • Initiates and assists volunteers in AJCC fund-raising activities.
  • Expands Center programming to reach broader segments of the August Jewish Community. Develops and pursues an aggressive outreach program for interfaith Jewish families.
  • Oversees and implements endowed lectures and activities generated by the various special funds.
  • Directs, manages and or delegates other activities as deemed necessary by the AJCC board to enhance the AJCCs mission.
  • Available evenings, Sundays and holidays as necessary.
Work Remotely: no


  • A BA or BS degree from an accredited American or Canadian University or equivalent.
  • An advanced degree in Business or Public Administration, Social Work or other appropriate field is desirable.


  • Four Years managing activities within a Jewish organization involving a wide age range of clients.
  • Demonstrated budgeting, executing and reporting of financial results for programs exceeding $300,000 per year.
  • Demonstrated use of social and conventional communications media.
  • Demonstrated aptitude in interpreting and using financial management software.

Additional Information

Check www.augustajcc.org for additional information about our current activities and relocating to Augusta GA.


Send resumes and cover letter to:

Send resume and expression of interest to searchajfajcc@gmail.com