The K’vod Connect Assistant Rabbi (or Cantor) will serve as part of K’vod Connect’s Rabbinic Team that is responsible for the delivery of rabbinic and pastoral care to participants, their loved ones, and as appropriate, Jewish Family Service staff (JFS). They will have the responsibility to ensure that the religious and spiritual needs of participants and their loved ones are met in the areas to which they are assigned.

The goal of K’vod Connect is twofold. Firstly, to build relationships, and to find and connect Jews in our community who are in need of rabbinical, pastoral, community engagement and human services – strengthening their community involvement, Jewish identity and relationships with stakeholders.

Additionally, K’vod Connect is a fast-paced, creative, startup environment whose goal is to bring the most meaning and value to every one of our participants. We deeply value, nurture, develop the relationships we make with our participants, our stakeholders, and our co-workers. We deliver an intentional inclusive Jewish community to those who are less connected or isolated from the larger community.

K’vod Connect, a program of Jewish Family Service of Cincinnati, is a new venture for the Cincinnati Jewish Community. K’vod Connect began as a pilot program to reduce social isolation among seniors, but since then has grown to include a large rabbinical, pastoral care and support network for the larger Cincinnati Area. Due to the overwhelming need and support from the community, we are expanding our program.

The work is inherently flexible and sometimes demanding to meet the needs of our participants. A day at K’vod Connect can swing from having coffee and bagels with a participant to helping to coordinate a funeral or another major crisis event, to networking with other stakeholders and coworkers. A day can also include leading Shabbat and Holiday services, Educational programs and events at retirement communities and in the greater Cincinnati community. It requires that the K’vod Connect Assistant Rabbi be a self-starter and willing to be flexible, as needed. And eager to grow with us as our program expands.

Participants reside throughout the greater Cincinnati area, and as such most of our work is done in the field in homes, in cafes, retirement communities, residential care facilities, hospitals or the Mayerson JCC.  The goal of K’vod Connect is to bring the most meaning and value to each one of our participants.

The K’vod Connect Assistant Rabbi will report to the K’vod Rabbi  and work with the larger JFS staff and K’vod Team of professionals and Rabbis.


ESSENTIAL Qualities:

The Assistant Rabbi(s) will be key members of the K’vod Connect Team who not only help to deliver the services of the K’vod Connect to our participants, but as part of the Rabbinic Team, help envision, ideate and create the next phase and growth of K’vod Connect’s future.

What are the Qualities that are most important to our new Assistant Rabbi(s)?

That you lead with compassion, empathy, and understanding. You act as a spiritual leader for all Jews and people in the community from all backgrounds and walks of life.

You are curious, creative, open, and flexible. K’vod Connect is a new project that is still growing and in its infancy and over the years, it will change and grow to adapt to the needs of our participants. We welcome your ideas in how we can grow and co-create a new way to deliver and serve the Jewish community. You bring your whole self and are willing to learn, teach, and grow with us.

You lead from an abundance mindset of growth and have a strong sense of humor.

Collaboration is key to how you operate as a Rabbi and spiritual leader.

You have flexibility, organizational acumen and a willingness to co-create.

You work well independently.


ESSENTIAL Parts of the Position:

Relationship building is key to this role.

You are fully present and approachable for our participants in the moment. You seek to deepen a participant’s connection to the larger Jewish community and their own selves in pastoral interactions and moments in various venues.



Organize and Collaborate:

You are an exemplary model of strong collaborative leadership with lay leaders, community stakeholders, clergy, staff, and community professionals. You can navigate and operate well within the Jewish and non-Jewish community; and know how to be flexible.

You value diversity and can work to build partnerships within the Jewish community as well as outside the Jewish community.


You can educate succinctly, in formal and informal settings, the value of Jewish tradition to a wide diverse audience. You are able to competently handle the most delicate and confidential pastoral moments in our participants’ lives. You are responsive and timely to communications.


ESSENTIAL Functions:

Participate in delivering and arranging for appropriate pastoral care to program participants and their loved ones, including:

·        Actively participate in the delivery of pastoral care

·        Respond to requests for pastoral care in a timely manner

·        Visit participants in hospitals, retirement communities, or home settings

·        Conduct Shabbat and Holiday services and programs in the community, including local retirement communities

·        Refer participants and their families to key providers and programs within Jewish Family Service and the greater Cincinnati Jewish community and beyond

Participate in the meeting of ritual and spiritual needs:

Lead or officiate at Jewish observances
Provide Jewish education and enrichment
Create a sense of connection to the Jewish community
Provide pastoral counseling from a Jewish framework for those facing life-threatening illnesses or the crises of faith predicated by life transitions
Facilitate the final developmental task of generativity with Jewish seniors seeking spiritual meaning
Offer staff educational programs to improve cultural awareness, sensitivity, and competency in non-Jewish community/facilities where Jewish residents/patients may reside
Sustain long-term relationships with participants who require ongoing supportive pastoral care
Extend the reach of congregational rabbis and provide consistent Jewish leadership to the facilities which now serve the Jewish community
Work closely and build relationships with the Greater Cincinnati Board of Rabbis and other local Rabbinic associations and Rabbinic colleagues
Assist K’vod Rabbi as needed with Rabbinic/pastoral/ educational functions
Participate in team meetings
Serve on institutional committees as appointed
·        Promote an interdisciplinary approach to pastoral care among all Chaplains, K’vod Connect/JFS Staff and the wider community

·        Participate in the maintenance of proper administrative procedures for the department in accordance with institutional policy.

·        Assist in the coordination of clergy and pastoral visitors from the religious community

·         Keep records of pastoral activity to communicate with other members of the department and report to the department/institution.

·         Participate in the department’s plan for continuous quality improvement.

·        Actively track contacts and interactions and outcomes through the Salesforce software platform

·        Participate in teaching/lecturing on a regular or periodic basis as invited

·        Assist with Programming if/when needed

·        Participate in programs and administrative activities of the institution

·        Participate in regular staff meetings

·        Participate in regular professional development activities and supervision


What you will receive:

A competitive level of compensation based on your experience and credentials.

Work weeks are normally 9-5, Monday through Friday, with Jewish and most Federal Holidays off.

Rabbinic and professional association costs are covered by K’vod Connect.


POSITION Qualifications:

This job description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel in the above position. Qualifications include:

Ordination as Jewish clergy and continued membership in a professional rabbinic/cantorial organization.
Prior Rabbinic or Cantorial experience and/or Board Certification.
Ability and commitment to working collegially with the Cincinnati Board of Rabbis.
Ability and commitment to respectfully serve the diverse religious needs of the Cincinnati Jewish population.
Experience with a large spectrum of levels of observance and Jewish identities.
WORKING Conditions:

The K’vod Connect Assistant Rabbi must be able to conduct services and holiday observances at retirement communities, which are generally held at 4:00 PM.

In person meetings with participants may occur in their homes, coffee shops, or other appropriate venues.

Substantial time spent with participants and their loved ones requires a high degree of emotional energy and mental alertness.

Must have mobility through the health institution’s facilities, which are handicapped accessible.

Must have reliable transportation.


Please submit applications to Rabbi Yair Walton ywalton@jfscinti.org 513-394-0049






Work Remotely: no

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Position Start Date: March 16, 2023
Salary Range: $87,000-118,000
Send resumes and cover letter to:

Please submit applications to Rabbi Yair Walton ywalton@jfscinti.org 513-394-0049

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