Become a vital part of the Jewish Family Service of Cincinnati area as a Full-time Assistant Rabbi at K’vod Connect, focusing on serving participants in Senior Retirement Communities and Facilities and supporting K’vod Connect’s events, classes, and educational programs.

About K’vod Connect: K’vod Connect, a vital part of the Jewish Family Service of Cincinnati, is more than just a program; it’s a lifeline to the heart of the Jewish community. Originating as a pilot to alleviate loneliness among our seniors, it has flourished into a beacon of hope, providing comprehensive rabbinical, pastoral care, and support throughout Cincinnati. We are seeking an Assistant Rabbi or Cantor who will embody our mission of compassion, connection, and spiritual guidance.

The Impact You Will Make: Your role is crucial. Whether it’s providing counsel during significant life moments or leading meaningful Jewish observances and programs, your influence is deep and enduring. Each educational initiative, ritual, and relationship you foster contributes to a richer, more vibrant Jewish life in Cincinnati. Joining K’vod Connect Means: Embracing a role that offers not just competitive compensation but the deep fulfillment of making a real difference. We respect your work-life balance, we are committed to your growth, we provide ample opportunities for professional development, and we cover all association dues.

Your Workplace: Flexibility is key – your workplace extends across Cincinnati. From individual and family homes to diverse community centers, your work brings you to where you’re needed most. The work is fast-paced and rewarding as we are growing rapidly to meet the needs of our community.

Work Remotely: no

Position Qualifications:

  • Ordination as Jewish clergy and continued membership in a professional rabbinic/cantorial organization.
  • Strong administrative skills, including using common Microsoft computer platforms (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Strong written and verbal communication.
  • Experience with Customer Relations Software (CRM) is preferred.
  • Ability and commitment to respectfully serve the diverse religious needs of the Cincinnati Jewish population.
  • Experience with a large spectrum of levels of observance and Jewish identities.
  • Must be able to lift up to 30 lbs. as well as stand, sit, reach, and stretch for extended periods of time.
Position Start Date: January 4, 2024

What you will receive:
$82,800 - $119,025 based on your experience and credentials.
Rabbinic and professional association costs are covered by K'vod Connect.

Salary Range: $82,800 - $119,025
Send resumes and cover letter to:

Please contact Rabbi Yair Walton for more information

About Jewish Family Service of Cincinnati

Rabbinic Pastoral Care and End-of-Life Support:

  • Jewish Observance Leadership: Lead and officiate key Jewish ceremonies and services, embracing the richness of Jewish rituals and traditions.
  • Pastoral Relationships and Care: Foster deep, ongoing relationships with participants, providing compassionate support, especially during challenging life transitions and end-of-life moments.
  • Memorial Service Facilitation: Conduct and oversee memorial services, offering comfort and guidance on Jewish funeral and burial practices to families and the community.
  • Comprehensive Pastoral Support: Offer a range of pastoral services, including hospital visits, counseling in retirement communities, and home pastoral care.
  • Ritual and Educational Leadership: Provide a holistic approach to Jewish observance, combining traditional rituals with educational and counseling services based on Jewish teachings and ethics.

Rabbinic and New Participant/Resident Outreach:

Welcoming New Residents/Participants: Develop and implement initiatives to warmly welcome new Jewish residents/participants, ensuring they are informed and feel connected to the services and programs offered by K’vod Connect.

Community Integration Support: Actively assist new residents/participants in integrating into the Jewish community, providing personalized outreach and creating opportunities for them to engage with the community at large.

Relationship Building and Outreach:

Community Engagement Initiatives: Develop and host engaging community events like 'Lunch and Learn' sessions, Torah studies, and Kabbalat Shabbat programs designed to strengthen the Jewish community's bond and identity.

Congregational Collaboration: Work alongside congregational rabbis to ensure a unified approach in providing Jewish leadership and spiritual guidance across the community.

Rabbinic Networking: Cultivate strong, cooperative relationships with local Rabbinic boards and associations, enhancing the outreach and impact of K’vod Connect’s programs.

Volunteer Management and Engagement:

Volunteer Program Oversight: Manage and mentor volunteers, fostering a supportive environment that encourages their active participation in community service and program development.

Recruitment and Training: Lead efforts in recruiting and training new volunteers, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute effectively to K’vod Connect’s mission.

Data Collection and Reporting:

Detailed Record-Keeping: Maintain comprehensive records of pastoral activities, documenting interactions and outcomes to ensure a high standard of care and service.

Continuous Quality Improvement: Engage in ongoing quality improvement and outcome measurement initiatives utilizing feedback and data to refine and enhance program offerings and pastoral care.

Salesforce Proficiency: Utilize the Salesforce platform for efficient tracking of contacts, interactions, and outcomes, enabling informed decision-making and reporting.

Administrative and Organizational Roles:

Rabbinic and Managerial Support: Provide robust support to the K’vod Rabbi and staff in various administrative, pastoral, and educational functions.

Interdisciplinary Teamwork: Collaborate with K’vod Connect/JFS staff and the broader community to promote a multidisciplinary approach to pastoral care, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive service delivery.

Ongoing Professional Development: Participate in regular professional development activities, staff meetings, and supervisory sessions, focusing on continual learning and adaptation to meet the evolving needs of the community.