Religious leadership

  1. Provide effective leadership in religious services, Festivals and ceremonies working alongside lay leaders.
  2. Provide meaningful and articulate drashot, sermons and addresses at services and on other religious occasions.
  3. Work closely with the Ritual Committee planning for the High Holy Day
  4. Conduct funerals if needed, in conjunction with the Burial and Benevolent Society, support bereaved families as required.
  5. Liaise with Conversion Committee Chair regarding possible assistance if required


  1. Visit sick and infirm congregants as requested and elderly members unable to attend the High Holy Day Services.
  2. Be available to congregants for advice and counseling.


  1. Offer learning opportunities for adults and children as time permits
  2. Provide relevant material for Teruah, Beth Shalom’s newsletter.


Work Remotely: no
Send resumes and cover letter to:

Please contact Debbie Swiatek, President, Beth Shalom at debswiatek@gmail.com.