The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel is looking for a leader to serve as its next Executive Director to springboard the organization to a new level of recognition and fundraising. This intelligent and passionate spokesperson will advocate for the movement to key stakeholders in the United States and make a strong pitch for support of the programs that serve thousands of Masorti Jews living in Israel.


The Executive Director is in a highly visible position and will represent the Masorti Movement to American media, public officials and Jewish leadership as well as current and potential donors. She or he will build upon a strong foundation of past fundraising success and program growth in Israel to mobilize an existing database of more than 10,000. Harnessing the power of the internet and other media, the Executive Director will deliver a steady and substantive case that captures who is involved with the Masorti Movement, what the Foundation does, what its goals are and why people should join with the Foundation to achieve these goals. The Executive Director will use this narrative for all of the Foundation’s communications, driving significantly more revenue to support an increasing number of individuals and families who wish to live and worship under Masorti values.


The ideal candidate has strong management experience, leadership skills and an understanding of Jewish life, religion and community. This tested and successful fundraiser also brings significant experience in not-for-profit administration, program management, board and staff development and financial operations. The Executive Director plays a critical role in the growth and sustainability of the organization and must, therefore, be able to establish short- and long-term fundraising goals, identify funding opportunities and develop the Foundation’s new initiatives. She or he will be an accomplished strategist who can connect the dots between fundraising and communications.


The right candidate is a relationship builder with a clear vision and the ability to inspire purpose while executing plans. She or he will be a powerful voice for the Masorti Movement and be able to convey effectively the need to increase and protect religious rights and inclusion through education and grassroots efforts. Reporting to and working closely with the Executive Board and Board of Directors, the Executive Director will be tasked also with fostering the Board’s growth and strengths. She or he must be a team player who understands and appreciates the power of collaboration. In addition, she or he must work with the Movement’s Israeli staff in an open, honest fashion that promotes inclusiveness, cooperation, diversity, and teamwork.


Specific Responsibilities: 

Leadership and Administration

  • Provide leadership and vision for the development and implementation of a strategic plan with a focus on building and sustaining relationships and increasing fundraising
  • Direct and manage operations of the Foundation
  • Stay abreast of the impact of current Israeli government policies which impede equality and inclusion
  • Serve as the US spokesperson for the Foundation and the Movement, representing the organization to media, donors, government representatives and the public
  • As the Foundation grows, identify, attract, energize, motivate and retain high functioning employees as well as vendors and consultants as required
  • Cultivate a strong working relationship with the Board based on trust and confidence to advance the strategic goals of the organization, utilizing Board members’ experience and expertise
  • Recruit and cultivate new Board members to meet the organization’s needs for future growth
  • Maintain strong financial and risk-management oversight; manage the budget and investment strategy; ensure compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations; ensure institutional insurance packages are in place and appropriate coverages are maintained
  • Provide grant management fiscal oversight for all sources of grant funding (e.g., from private and family foundations) to ensure timely reporting and compliance with particular requirements of each funding source



  • Develop a fundraising plan that establishes relationships with individuals and foundations to identify, increase and diversify sources of revenue, including working in partnership with the leadership of the Masorti Movement in Israel; the American Conservative rabbinate; the leaders of other institutions within the American Jewish world and Jewish Federations
  • In partnership with the Masorti Movement, develop an overarching case for support that sets the context for the creation of individual and project-based fundraising campaigns
  • Create institutional messaging for various donor correspondence for cultivation, acknowledgment and stewardship purposes that speaks to multiple donor segments
  • Explore and implement new concepts and ideas that significantly increase fundraising such as cultivation events, building a digital fundraising platform, and implementing a planned/legacy giving program
  • Build relationships with private and family foundations and oversee a calendar of grant proposals and requests


Communications and Marketing 

  • Conceive of and implement new communications and marketing tools that build brand awareness of the Foundation and its impact on the Masorti Movement
  • Oversee the effective utilization of social media in achieving policy, advocacy and fundraising goals; mobilize support through the use of digital newsletters, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other online and offline channels
  • Maintain a communications network to prepare and send alerts that inform key constituents of evolving issues including an up-to-date database
  • Maintain a consistent approach to advocacy, public relations, and fundraising by liaising closely with colleagues in Israel

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Community Description:

The Masorti Movement is an approach to Judaism that combines Jewish tradition and ‘halakhah’ (Jewish laws) with openness to the modern world, as well as democratic culture. Masorti views ‘halakhah’ as a dynamic and evolving set of values that must adapt to local conditions and changing circumstances in every generation. While Masorti is affiliated with Conservative Judaism, the world’s second largest Jewish movement, its followers have faced obstacles in Israel where government funding for non-Orthodox programs is severely restricted. Due in large part to US-based donors, the Masorti Movement has gained traction and is now growing rapidly.

The Masorti Foundation has raised millions of dollars to fund the growth of the Masorti Movement and its activities in Israel. Donations raised by the Foundation support a lean office based in New York City; the vast majority of the funds directly support a resourceful Israel-based Masorti staff and programs for the Movement’s about 80 (and growing) congregations.

With the support of predominantly North American donors, the Masorti Movement helps to address a wide range of issues that affect progressive Israeli Jews. Donated funds build and sustain scholarships and programs for young people such as: NOAM (Masorti Youth) that educates children between the ages of 10 and 18 in the Masorti values of egalitarian Judaism, Zionism, democracy and pluralism; Camp Ramah NOAM; and programs for young adults between high school and IDF service. Through ADRABA – The Shirley Lowy Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities, young people can celebrate b’nai mitzvah and attend summer camp. The Masorti Movement also includes education and support programs for women and girls, including Yaltha which empowers female rabbis and enhances the status of women in Israel and scholarships for female rabbinical students.

Donations also support advocacy activities, such as the Jewish Pluralism Watch which seeks to ensure that all Jews are fully recognized in Israel, that Masorti rabbis are accorded full legal status and that Masorti congregations receive proportionate and fair funding from the state. In addition, the Masorti Movement, together with the Rabbinical Assembly of Israel, has formed a Religious Affairs Bureau that focuses on inclusiveness and respect, as well as legal assistance, regarding the practice of Jewish rituals such as circumcisions, weddings and conversions.

For more information about the Masorti Foundation, please visit www.masorti.org

Work Remotely: no


  • Commitment to the mission, philosophy, and values of the Masorti Movement and the ability to articulate its needs, opportunities, and aspirations with clarity and enthusiasm
  • Strong educational background and intellectual curiosity about and an understanding of political and religious issues in Israel
  • Tested and proven fundraiser with a minimum of 8-10 years of nonprofit senior management experience; track record of success in crystallizing a fundraising message, developing and implementing scalable fundraising plans and growing major gifts from individuals and foundations; digital/grassroots fundraising or communications experience a plus
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills with a recognized ability for public speaking and service as a media spokesperson; a record of high-quality publications is a plus
  • Ability to frame a strong case for fundraising support, establish short and long-term goals, identify opportunities and develop initiatives
  • Proven ability to work with a board of directors, a diverse set of partners and key stakeholders
  • Highly organized with an aptitude for planning effectively to meet deadlines, and the ability to handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously, understanding big-picture goals while prioritizing immediate demands
  • Diplomatic, politically-savvy and of the highest integrity with sound judgment
  • Creative, out-of-the-box thinker and problem solver who excels in a collaborative and entrepreneurial environment
  • Flexibility for occasional domestic and international travel
Send resumes and cover letter to:

The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel has retained the services of Harris Rand Lusk to conduct this search. Inquiries, nominations, and applications may be directed in confidence to:

Jack Lusk, Managing Partner or
Debbie Farrell, Senior Director, Leadership and Development
Harris Rand Lusk
122 E. 42nd Street, Suite 3605
New York, NY 10168

Email cover letter and resume to: ekirschner@harrisrand.com

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