Congregation Beth Ami, a Conservative/Masorti synagogue is accepting applications
for an ordained rabbi for our congregation of a widely diverse community with 135
 Serve as pastoral counselor and officiate for life-cycle events including weddings,
funerals, conversions, and visiting the sick in a safe and trusting environment.
 Plan, lead and carry out engaging and meaningful services which include a
balance of Hebrew and English, delivering drasch, sermon and chanting/leyning
while fostering congregational participation for weekly Shabbat Torah service,
holidays and festivals.
 Develop Adult education programming including classes and guest lectures,
Talmud and weekly Torah study.
 Beth Ami is a supportive, yet ageing congregation, whose ranks have been
dwindling. The rabbi will see this as an opportunity to be creative and help us
attract new members. The rabbi will help with new ideas and the development
of programs designed to attract the unaffiliated Jewish community.
 Inspire learning and excitement about Jewish culture and traditions that will
increase engagement for young adults and young families.
 Develop programs to increase and expand engagement and involvement in our
younger constituency.
 Serve as a visible community leader, issues advocate and represent our
community at the Interfaith Council.
 Oversee the training and requirements of B’nai Mitzvah candidates for both
youth and adults.
 Engage with the diverse demographics of our community including traditional
observant, young people, experienced (older) people, interfaith couples, LGBTQ
Plus, remote participants on Zoom and more.
 Work with and advise the Board about the future of the religious school.
 Attend board and committee meetings when needed

Timing Expectations: 3/4, average 30 hours a week or 3 weeks a month, must be available for holiday services and lifecycle events.
Community Description:

Congregation Beth Ami is the only Conservative and the only USCJ affiliated
congregation in Sonoma County. It was established in 1943 and sought to embody and promote the totality of Jewish life in Santa Rosa. As Jews we are a small minority of the population in area. At Beth Ami, we worship, share life cycle
events, joys and sorrows, teach our children, socialize, play, and relax.

Work Remotely: no

 Ordination from an accredited rabbinic seminary following completion of a
multi-year program of rabbinic study. Soon-to-be ordained rabbis will be
 The ability to inspire an already spiritually vibrant, inclusive, and welcoming
community. Outgoing and enthusiastic about reaching out to the unaffiliated
Jewish community.
 Strong working knowledge and proficiency in Hebrew, nusach and liturgy and
the ability to leyn/chant from Torah.
 Collaborates well with others including volunteers, staff and lay leaders.
 Accepting a spectrum of religious beliefs, practices, and observances.
 Be welcoming to people of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances.
Other attributes can include pulpit experience, musical ability and fundraising

Position Start Date: July 1, 2024

Pension contribution (monetary amount or percentage of base salary):
1% per year, after 3 years can increase to 3% as matched by rabbi contribution if position becomes full time.

Major Medical Insurance: $400 per month, rabbi is responsible for any additional premium. Hospitalization for the rabbi and family (specify either percentage of premiums to be paid by the synagogue or a dollar amount): Included in Major Medical

Convention Allowance/Continuing Education: Negotiable

Vacation (number of weeks annually): can be negotiated, usually 3 weeks in July

Parental/Family Leave: We adhere to Federal and California mandated requirements.

Synagogue or Day School Tuition Reimbursement for rabbi’s children: If we had a Religious School rabbi would receive free tuition.

$1200 per year for meals for connecting with congregants.

Includes use of a small one bedroom apartment on the campus that includes all utilities.

Salary Range: $86,650 – $91,650
Send resumes and cover letter to:

Email to RABSEARCHCBA@gmail.com
or mail to:
Congregation Beth Ami,
4676 Mayette Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95405.
Attention Search Committee

About Congregation Beth Ami

Congregation Beth Ami is the only egalitarian USCJ affiliated congregation in Sonoma County and we also have the largest campus in the county. Our congregation is made up of multigenerational families, singles, mature adults and interfaith families. Our values include: Teshuvah, Tzedakah, and Gemilut Hasadim. Our congregants derive strength by forming relationships and marking the passage of time, the changes of seasons, the continuing story of our people, and the life cycles of our own lives. As a family and holy community, we are committed to create a path as G-d’s stewards to protect and preserve all life on earth to make the world an ever better place. We gain insight and inspiration through the study of our sacred texts and our people’s culture.