·        We are looking for someone to lead services at least three weekends per month, except for negotiated time off, which would include at least one month during the summer, possibly two.

·        Our candidate must be available on Long Island for 1-2 days in addition to regular Shabbat services on Friday and Saturday, and some interaction with the Hebrew School on Sundays

·        Available for all holidays

·        Regular and publicized office hours at the synagogue

·        Work with the current Hebrew School Director and staff to transition to a leadership role.

·        Willing and qualified to lead “adult” education in various subjects

·        Open to many interpretations of G-d and spirituality

·        Willing to make themselves available for congregants’ life cycle events

·        Help grow the community to make it more vibrant and self-supporting

·        Participate in the faith and interfaith communities

·        Capable of representing Kehillath Shalom Synagogue in the community in a way that makes us proud and shows us in our best light

·        Most importantly, we want someone to be the voice and face of our community.  The Kehillath Shalom Rabbi, to represent us in the Jewish and extended interfaith community, and to guide us in all our spiritual and some other endeavors

Community Description:

KEHILLATH SHALOM SYNAGOGUE is a RECONSTRUCTIONIST Synagogue located in Cold Spring Harbor, New York (western Suffolk County not far from the Nassau border)
Kehillath Shalom Synagogue is a warm, welcoming, truly participatory congregation which meets the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, educational and social needs of every member of our diverse community through meaningful prayer, meditation, communal worship, serious study, celebration, music, support and programs that draw us together in times of sadness as well as joy.
Members work together with one another and our clergy to create and sustain a synagogue of which we can all be proud and which will nurture each of us as we strive to deepen our knowledge of Judaism, pursue our personal spiritual journeys and foster our commitment to passing on a meaningful form of Judaism to future generations.

Work Remotely: yes

We are affiliated with The Jewish Reconstructionist Movement but the candidate does not need to be a graduate of RRC.  Instead the candidate must :

·        Have a love of teaching, of people, of Judaism and Torah.

·        Accept that reconstructionism as a Jewish religion was created by the Jewish people and was not a revelation from God

·        Reject the doctrine of the Jews being God's 'chosen people

·        Judaism should be inclusive: people with Jewish fathers and non-Jewish mothers are accepted as fully Jewish, non-Jews are welcomed as major participants in community life, intermarriage is permitted, women have full rights, people of any sexual orientation are accorded equal rights

·        The State of Israel is vital to Jewish cultural and spiritual survival

Must be able to Chant and Read Torah, read Prayers in Hebrew and lead Torah Study. The rabbi has the flexibility to add readings, meditations, and alternative versions of prayers to the spoken liturgy.

Deliver a weekly thought-provoking sermon.

The ability to counsel individuals at times of crisis, to bury a loved one, to perform weddings

Position Start Date: January 1, 2018


Salary Range: $95,000 - $100,000
Send resumes and cover letter to: