We are looking for someone to come to Long Island one weekend per month to lead the Friday night and Saturday Shabbat services.  We would also like them to lead Torah study on Saturday morning for the hour before the service, with or without any study materials, to give a short (15 minutes or less) sermon or talk either Friday or Saturday, and to stay for kiddush after both services.

This position is available for 9 months ( until June 30, 2018 )

Work Remotely: yes

We are affiliated with The Jewish Reconstructionist Movement but the candidate does not need to be a graduate of RRC.  Instead the candidate must :

·        Have a love of teaching, of people, of Judaism and Torah.

·        Accept that reconstructionism as a Jewish religion was created by the Jewish people and was not a revelation from God

·        Reject the doctrine of the Jews being God's 'chosen people

·        Judaism should be inclusive: people with Jewish fathers and non-Jewish mothers are accepted as fully Jewish, non-Jews are welcomed as major participants in community life, intermarriage is permitted, women have full rights, people of any sexual orientation are accorded equal rights

·        The State of Israel is vital to Jewish cultural and spiritual survival

Must be able to Chant and Read Torah, read Prayers in Hebrew and lead Torah Study. The rabbi has the flexibility to add readings, meditations, and alternative versions of prayers to the spoken liturgy.

Salary Range:  $ 800 per weekend plus expenses

Position Start Date: IMMEDIATELY This position is available for 9 months ( until June 30, 2018 )
Salary Range: $800 per weekend plus expenses
Send resumes and cover letter to: