We are looking for a Rabbi to conduct services for Shabbat and Holidays. We were at one time large conservative congregation. We are currently very small and struggle to get a minyan every Shabbat. We conduct our services in Hebrew and follow mostly in an orthodox tradition   Our men and women do sit together

Type of service are you envisioning: Conduct prayer services we currently have a Cantor who does our Torah reading
How do you do Jewish : Conservative but leaning towards orthodox
Why you need a rabbi: We wish to continue having our weekly Shabbat and Holiday Services
Timing Expectations: Every Shabbat and holidays
Rabbi Qualifications: To make shiva calls and to call or visit sick
Community Description:

Small elderly congregation

Work Remotely: no


Position Start Date: May 1, 2021
Salary Range: 45,000-48,000
Send resumes and cover letter to:

Regina Elias
Clearview Jewish Center
16-50 Utopia Parkway
Whitestone, N.Y. 12357

About Clearview Jewish Center / Whitestone NY

Small elderly community anxious to continue having regular Shabbat and Holiday services. We are dedicated and are active in supporting our Synagogue