We seek a Modern Traditional Rabbi: Fully versed and steeped in Halachic practice to help fulfill our mission and commitment to traditional forms of prayers and observances – yet Modern enough to understand and be flexible to the realities and challenges of 21st century American Jewry.

Regular Rabbinic responsibilities include: lead/co-ordinate daily Minyanim, oversee ritual matters and administer other aspects of congregational life including teaching, pastoral and leadership.

Our next Rabbi will also be tasked primarily with the goal of outreach: connecting with the huge numbers of Jews who work and increasingly live in downtown Chicago and the surrounding neighborhoods. Chicago Loop Synagogue seeks to be a wide and open platform for all kinds of Jewish life and activity in the downtown area regardless of “denomination”: study, lectures, community, food, culture – and yes, prayer too!

Chicago Loop Synagogue is the only full time, year-round shul of any variety in downtown Chicago. We have 3 daily Orthodox Minyanim plus Shabbat, Sunday and all Holidays. And, we have successfully broadened our davening schedule to reflect an innovative, service-driven mission: parallel Shabbat morning Mizrachi minyanim and bi-monthly Egaltiarian Kabbalat Shabbat services. We also host a variety of Chabad events, including High Holiday services.

Passionate outreach, boundless energy, and Ahavat Yisrael are a must. The desire, ability, and imagination to expand Judaism beyond the Synagogue walls and into the community are vital aspects to the position and the Synagogue’s goals.

Community Description:

Chicago Loop Synagogue was founded in 1929 and is a unique place that fills very important yet diverse roles. We are the only Synagogue - of any kind - in downtown Chicago and serve a wide variety of Jews and their needs: business people, visitors, regular Shabbat/Yom Tov congregants, destination s'machot etc ...

We also serve as a central platform for many communal activities: shiurim, lectures, kosher food and catering, public rallies, private meetings and more. We aim to build upon our legacy of service and enhance and broaden our appeal as we enter our second century!

We are a Zionist community and believe strongly in the promise and treasure of Medinat Yisrael. We also actively reach across denominational and religious boundaries to strengthen our ties and shared values with the Greater Chicagoland community.

Our congregants range from young to old, Shomer Shabbat to non-observant, wealthy to not - and everything in between. Our legacy and history compel us to serve and push our doors wide open to all who seek Judaism and/or Achdut.

We will welcome our next Rabbi with full hearts and open arms.

Work Remotely: no

Traditional Semicha - from a recognized institution or like minded Halachic-oriented Hashkafa.

Prior and successful pulpit or organization experience

Proven track record in community building and/or outreach

Commitment to traditional Halacha-based Jewish practice.

Open minded approach to the needs of a very diverse congregation with multiple family observance levels

Position Start Date: August 1, 2020

Hospitality stipend
Paid vacation

Send resumes and cover letter to:

Albert Karoll

About Chicago Loop Synagogue

Chicago Loop Synagogue was founded in 1929 to serve the religious needs of those whose business activities brought them downtown. Since then, a growing residential community has made it the home synagogue for those who live downtown as well.

Whether you work or live downtown, Chicago Loop Synagogue is your spiritual home.

As the only synagogue in the downtown area, we serve Jews with many differing needs. Some come to pray at our three daily services, some come to eat our kosher lunches, and some come to participate in our array of thoughtful programs or unmatched High Holiday services. No matter what causes you to walk through our doors, Chicago Loop Synagogue is committed to helping you find what you seek.

By providing a convenient place for daily worship, we help Jews make congregational prayer a regular part of their business day, as well as to observe Yahrzeits and to recite the Kaddish prayers during periods of mourning. While the daily worship is Traditional with separate seating, we have mixed seating on the High Holidays in response to the needs of our residential community.