We are a Traditional shul adhering to Orthodox Halacha and seeking a Rabbi with Orthodox smicha. We presently have daily mechitzah minyanim and two concurrent services on Shabbat, one with and one without a mechitzah. We are located in a suburb of Chicago.

The Rabbi will serve as spiritual leader and halachic authority of the congregation and will minister to the religious, educational and pastoral needs of its members.


·         Work in conjunction with the congregation and its Board of Directors to attain the goals set forth in the Congregation’s mission statement and by-laws

·         Actively spearhead membership growth efforts for the shul

·         Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and ability to inspire and motivate members of all levels of observance

·         Strive to develop a personal relationship with each Congregation member

·         Lead services both with and without mechitza on Shabbat and all chagim

·         Together with the worship committee, set the tone and content of all worship services

·         Manage all daily worship services, providing such attendance does not conflict with other rabbinical responsibilities or scheduled time off

·         Read Torah and lead davening when requested

·         Officiate at life cycle events of congregants and their families, including weddings, funerals, Bar and Bat Mitzvot and baby namings


Type of service are you envisioning: Lead us in a Traditional service, take care of life cycle events, have experience in outreach and growing membership
How do you do Jewish : Traditional
Rabbi Qualifications: Among the qualifications above, must have Smicha from an Orthodox institution We are a Traditional shul
Work Remotely: no

1.      A Rabbi with Orthodox Smicha and adherent to a Modern Orthodox approach to Judaism

2.      Willing and able to lead a mixed seating and separate seating minyan

3.      Experienced in leading a multi-generational synagogue

4.      Adherent to the precept of Torah given at Mount Sinai

5.      Able to Lain Torah and function as Shaliach Tzibbur

6.      Able to deliver a drasha at all Shabbat and Yom Tov services

7.      Experienced and dedicated to growing membership, including conducting outreach to engage participation in shul events

8.      Dedicated to serving and being a leader in the Jewish community of our city

9.      An advocate for the survival of Israel as the homeland for the Jewish people

10.    A skilled educator

Position Start Date: negotiable- this year.
Send resumes and cover letter to: