Hello – we live in Charlotte NC – our son will be bar mitzvah’d on May 9, 2020, here locally and we are seeking a Rabbi to officiate the ceremony. We have a local trainer/tutor to prepare our son so the Rabbi would not be responsible for training, but would work with our trainer to coordinate the service, etc, which will be a Mincha & Maariv in the afternoon (no Friday night or Saturday morning service). We would prefer Conservative but are somewhat flexible.  We do have a Torah all ready for the ceremony. We had a couple of other Rabbis lined up but neither of them will be able to make it now due to family and personal conflicts. Please contact me at 704 999 7723 or barrys31@gmail.com as soon as possible to discuss options. Thank you very much.

Type of service are you envisioning: Mincha & Maariv, possibly brief Havdalah
How do you do Jewish : Conservative
Event date : May 9, 2020
Why you need a rabbi: Bar Mitzvah
Timing Expectations: One day - May 9, 2020
Rabbi Qualifications: Perform Bar Mitzvah ceremony (Mincha & Maariv)
Work Remotely: no

Rabbi who can be in Charlotte, NC on the afternoon/evening of May 9, 2020 to officiate a bar mitzvah (Mincha & Maariv) ceremony

Position Start Date: One day - May 9, 2020
Send resumes and cover letter to:

Please call first at 704 999 7723. Email is barrys31@gmail.com

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Rabbi for Bar Mitzvah May 9, 2020 in Charlotte NC