Bethesda Jewish Congregation
Bethesda, Maryland

The Education Director is a full-time or part-time senior staff member, leader of our education program, and assistant clergy to the Senior Rabbi. The Director must be a passionate educator, strategic thinker, a strong collaborator, effective communicator, and inspirational leader. The Director reports to the BJC Board of Trustees and Senior Rabbi and works collaboratively with the professional staff and lay leadership to implement a compelling vision of BJC’s religious school, education programs, worship, and other clergy duties.

Our congregation consists of 195 households and the religious school educates about 30 students in grades K-10.

The religious school provides a creative, experiential learning environment that integrates the student’s world with Jewish learning and a deeply ingrained Jewish identity – its wisdom and values, its music, dance and art, its lessons of history, social justice and courage – with a basic knowledge of Hebrew and comfort and joy in prayer. BJC welcomes children with learning differences to our school. BJC strives to provide meaningful adult education opportunities rooted in Hebrew, Jewish history, Jewish literature, as well as the local and global Jewish community.

We worship as a trans-denominational congregation, predominantly using a Reform prayer book, plus additional liturgies created by the Senior Rabbi and drawn from traditional, Reconstructionist, Renewal and other sources. BJC is on the cutting edge of contemporary Jewish practice, yet maintains a strong connection to tradition. Our worship is expressed through song and chant. Musical instruments are utilized in all of our services. The worship experience that grows out of these diverse forms is a dynamic expression of modern Judaism.

Our Education Director and Assistant Clergy will be:

A motivated and talented professional who will lead all aspects of the religious and cultural education for the congregation. The position includes curriculum development, recruitment and enrollment responsibilities, day-to-day operations, long-range planning and working with professional and lay leadership to ensure continued innovation and vitality of our religious school and education programs. The Director will hire and evaluate religious school staff to support the mission of the religious school and the cultivation of top-tier teaching. The Director will have other congregational educational responsibilities including the administration of B’nai mitzvah preparation and such other educational activities as serves the interests and continuing enrichment of our congregation. S/he will seek and apply for grants to support educational programs and experiential learning and work with senior staff to develop a balanced budget that will be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.

We are seeking a dynamic, dedicated, innovative role model and educator who is intellectually engaged, brings a passion for Judaism which inspires others; communicates creatively, regularly and effectively with our students, parents and congregants with a compelling vision for the future of Jewish education; and will apply effective and efficient leadership and management skills to direct our religious school program.

We seek candidates who are earnest and personable, love interacting directly with children and will earn the trust and confidence of their parents, congregants, and the community through the building of relationships. The Director will recognize that a successful and robust religious school and education program depends upon recruitment, enrollment, and growth of the religious school student body and active adult engagement.

As assistant clergy, the Director will attend synagogue events and be an active participant in the life of the community. We are seeking candidates who can support the Senior Rabbi in Shabbat worship services or leading them independently (12-16 weeks per year). An important role for the Director as assistant clergy will be participating with and supporting the Senior Rabbi in High Holiday and Festival services, and leading Shiva Minyanim. Additional duties may include the creation of Divrei Torah and congregation newsletter articles.

Work at BJC is collaborative, and it is essential that the candidate be both a leader and a team player. The Director will partner with the Senior Rabbi in aligning the vision and priorities of the religious school, B’nai mitzvah preparation, cross-generational programs, adult education programs, and worship to support a lasting love of Judaism. The Director will represent BJC in local Jewish education associations and coordinate interfaith educational opportunities.

Community Description:

Bethesda Jewish Congregation is an independent, liberal Jewish community and is not officially affiliated with any of the established Jewish movements. BJC takes a trans-denominational approach to Jewish worship and thought. We use prayer books of both the Reform and Conservative movements for their even-handed balance between Hebrew and English in the liturgy. Our worship style, however, incorporates Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative, Neo-Hasidic, and Jewish Renewal liturgical elements, and most prayers are expressed through song and chant. The worship experience that grows out of these diverse forms is a dynamic expression of modern Judaism.

Work Remotely: no

The ideal candidate:

·        Has an advanced degree in education and/or Judaic studies and experience in the field

·        Has undertaken formal Rabbinic or Cantorial Studies and is working towards or has achieved ordination

·        Has excellent interpersonal and management skills

·        Has excellent written and oral communication skills

·        Effectively sets priorities, seamlessly manages multiple tasks, and demonstrates superb organizational skills

·        Brings forth innovative ideas and has the ability to work both independently and collaboratively as part of a team

·        Is familiar with the Hebrew language, Jewish Liturgy, and embraces a progressive Jewish environment

·        Is passionate, disciplined, responsible, achievement oriented, positive and engaging

Position Start Date: July 1, 2019

This position brings with it tremendous opportunities for professional growth and the opportunity to help shape our community and the future of our children. The Education Director and Assistant Clergy is an active member within the daily life of the congregation. This is a full-time or part-time position that will include working evenings, weekends and holidays. The start date is July 1, 2019. Salary is commensurate with experience.

Medical, Dental, Pension, Paid Vacation, Sick Days available as part of the compensation package.

Salary Range: competitive - commensurate with experience
Send resumes and cover letter to:

To apply for this position, kindly send a cover letter and resume/cv by email with the subject line “Education Director/Assistant Clergy” to careers@bethesdajewish.org

About Bethesda Jewish Congregation

The Director of Education role includes strategic planning, implementation, and oversight of educational programs for the congregation and curriculum for its religious school.  The Director of Education will serve as a liaison within the congregation and the metropolitan community.

Clergy Roles and Responsibilities will include:

·        Lead Friday night and/or Saturday Morning services 12 - 16 weeks per year both with the senior rabbi and independently.

·        Lead Shiva Minyanim as needed when requested to do so by the senior rabbi.

·        Teach Adult Education classes a minimum of four 90 minute sessions per year.

·        Create Divrei Torah and supply newsletter articles on a regular basis as requested.

·        Attend synagogue events and be an active participant in the life of the community.

The Director of Education Roles and Responsibilities will include:

Design and oversee curriculum development and implementation
Plan and execute school-wide programs, e.g. holiday celebrations, school projects, trips
Plan and execute cross-generational family education programs
Oversee adult education programs
Coordinate interfaith educational programming
Develop monthly articles for the BJC newsletter
Represent BJC at local Jewish Education associations
Seek and apply for grants to support educational  programs and experiential learning

Manage faculty: Hire, train, supervise, and evaluate (at least annually) teachers; provide ongoing staff development; support teachers in implementation of curriculum, including differentiation of instruction
Engage families: organize congregational volunteers to assist in the school and in programs; devise methods for strengthening the home-school connection; support families in their interactions with the synagogue; conduct monthly meetings with Education Committee
Develop written communication: create and distribute parent handbook, permission slips, school calendar, letters to parents
Attend monthly Board of Trustees’ meetings: provide written monthly updates regarding Religious School and family education programs
Create and submit Annual School Budget
Become an active member within the daily life of the congregation: attend congregational activities and services
Community outreach: Respond to inquiries about Religious School; serve as the BJC liaison during community outreach events
Manage the Religious School office: In consultation with the synagogue administrator, order and purchase supplies; establish and maintain files (including teacher contracts); respond to phone messages, mail, and email