This is an exciting full-time position at a pivotal time for the Beth Israel Congregation.  This professional will serve as the full time Rabbi providing active engagement and demonstrated professional leadership in implementing a variety of educational, community-building, and Jewish life programs.

The ideal candidate will embrace life in Fayetteville and is comfortable acting as a visible representative of the Jewish community while demonstrating a strong commitment to mitzvot. S/he will be organized and able to direct a small staff (1.5FTEs) and engage with a 15+ group of committed volunteers. Professional and responsive to the direction and guidance of the Board of Directors; attentive to the needs of community members. The Rabbi must demonstrate strong vision and follow-through for engaging programming.

Beth Israel requires a Rabbi able and willing to connect and relate to a wide range of Jewish identification, including: interfaith families, young and mature families, transient populations and military service members. S/he will genuinely and energetically project a warm, joyful and welcoming “come as you are” persona, embrace the importance of family, community, and volunteerism that is necessary to sustain Beth Israel. S/he will act as a leader and role model to expand the walls of the synagogue; reaching out to currently unaffiliated families and individuals to offer opportunities for exploring and deepening their Jewish connection and working to build a stronger partnership with Fort Bragg.

Type of service are you envisioning: Engage congregants, provide specialty services to attract children, younger adults, holiday events, cultural activities
How do you do Jewish : Conservative-Reform, we are the only Synagogue in over 100 mile radius so we serve all
Why you need a rabbi: Weddings, funerals, bar/bat mtizvah training, all lifecycle events, community interaction
Community Description:

Beth Israel is looking to welcome a new spiritual leader. Beth Israel (www.bethi.org) is an unaffiliated Conservative Jewish community which has served as the center of Jewish life for Fayetteville, NC and the surrounding 10 counties since 1910. Our synagogue serves 100 Jewish families, including military families affiliated with Fort Bragg, the nation’s largest military installation.

Our mission is to provide a strong culture of Jewish life rooted in Fayetteville. We are an egalitarian, diverse, multi-generational, and modern congregation. Beth Israel seeks to engage young and unaffiliated families and create vibrant, family-friendly community. Our congregation is a prominent part of Fayetteville and we seek to maintain strong and inclusive interfaith ties.

Work Remotely: no

The ideal candidate for this position will meet the following qualifications:

§  Rabbinic Ordination (Smicha) from an accredited Jewish seminary / institution of higher religious education.

§  Fluent in Hebrew with the ability to teach the Hebrew language to others.

§  Experienced Torah reader.

§  Interest in being a part of a dynamic and evolving work environment, eager to take a leadership role in shaping the Jewish educational framework of a small community.

§  Personal understanding of and experience with the importance of building personal relationships with families and individuals in a Jewish organizational context.

§  Ability to perform pastoral counseling, life-cycle events, leadership of worship services, adult education, youth engagement, and leading informal and formal Jewish experiences.

§  Passionate commitment to pluralistic Judaism, radiate a warm acceptance of all those who wish to be counted as part of our community.

§  Energetic, engaging and outgoing personality, with sensitivity to individual needs and an understanding of family/group dynamics.

§  Articulate, comfortable with public speaking, enjoy interactive study and exploration, open to questions and challenges.

§  Ability to maintain and model high personal, ethical and professional standards.

§  Organized self-starter, creative, multi-task well, friendly, punctual, professional, and able to adapt to community and individuals' needs.

§  Open to new ways of doing things, able to seek direction and accept constructive feedback as appropriate, actively committed to professional development.

Position Start Date: August 1, 2019
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About Beth Israel Congregation

Our mission is to provide a strong culture of Jewish life rooted in Fayetteville, North Carolina. We are an egalitarian, diverse, multi-generational, and modern congregation.

Beth Israel seeks to engage young and unaffiliated families and create a vibrant, family-friendly community.  Our congregation is a prominent part of Fayetteville and we seek to maintain strong and inclusive interfaith ties.  We recently celebrated our centennial (100 years) of existence as a congregation.