Here’s a rabbinical position where you make your own hours with no boss, board of directors, and no fundraising. You get to work one-on-one as a rabbi, educator, and mentor for an organization that is growing by leaps and bounds, utilizing new models of the Jewish community as well as the latest learning technology. We provide the entire administrative backbone allowing you to do what you do best — being a rabbi!

Darshan Yeshiva is currently searching for Reform/Liberal rabbis (we are also considering cantors as well) to be part of our growing conversion program. As part of our conversion program, you would be responsible for mentoring students via phone, Skype or in-person, assisting students through their online educational process, providing a meaningful rabbi-student relationship, as well as facilitating the student’s mikvah and bet din. You get to choose how many of our vetted students you work with and can add more students at any time. You will generally meet with students once per month for ten months and at the end of ten months, they will come to you for their mikvah date. Rabbis can choose to work online entirely (working with students from all over the world who come to them for their bet din and mikvah) or with students in their area.

Be aware that we perform thorough background checks on candidates including an audit of their social media/Internet presence.

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Community Description:

Darshan Yeshiva was founded in September 2013 in response to the growing demand for an online Jewish school that meets the needs of students seeking formal Jewish learning in a pluralistic context.

Darshan Yeshiva began with the Darshan Training Program (our namesake), empowering students to become lay spiritual leaders serving independent minyanim. Shortly after, Darshan Yeshiva launched the Comprehensive Jewish Studies program, providing students with an overview of all aspects of Jewish life, as well as a Torah study program.

In January 2014, Darshan Yeshiva (through the help of Atlanta based Reform and post-denominational rabbis) began an online conversion to Judaism program. This program has completely surpassed all expectations in providing religiously valid conversions to Jews from all over the world. To date, it is our most popular program. Later in the year, Darshan Yeshiva expanded the conversion program, providing Conservative, Reform, Renewal and post-denominational rabbis all over the US and in Europe.

2015 was a year of internal growth and development. We grew the size of our support team, brought new rabbis into the fold, edited programs to make them better for our students, and developed new policies and procedures that improved our students’ experience at Darshan Yeshiva.

The success of our conversion program has taught us that our students want one-on-one mentorship. We are developing a two-tiered approach to all of our programs where students will be able to choose what we currently offer (the independent study version of the program) or a more rigorous guided study under a rabbi or other Jewish teacher/leader. Our first guided study programs are the Darshan Training program and the Comprehensive Jewish studies program. Additionally, we have hired our first Hebrew tutor to assist both Darshan Yeshiva students and anyone interested in one-on-one language help.

2017 has also seen the beginning of our international approach to Jewish learning. Our conversion to Judaism program is now offered in Italian and we look forward to beginning a Spanish language and French language program by 2018.

We recently added our rabbinical support desk to all of our programs, allowing students access to rabbis throughout their programs. This is in addition to the rabbinic support students receive in their conversion program.

Work Remotely: yes

This position requires the following skill sets and traits:

  • Rabbinic ordination or cantorial investment. Last year rabbinical students are also welcome to apply. Preference is given to Reform clergy living in the West or Midwest USA but we are open to other denominational affiliations and locations
  • Demonstrated experience working with diverse groups of people with different Jewish backgrounds/affiliations
  • High ethical and professional standards
  • Comfort working independently with strong organization/time management skills
  • Comfort with email and Skype
Position Start Date: August 28, 2017

Work from home, make your own hours, set your own pay rate

Salary Range: Varies
Send resumes and cover letter to: