Dear Rabbi:
We welcome your interest in Congregation Beth Elohim. If you have any questions or wish to connect
with our Rabbi Search Committee, please do not hesitate to do so.
More information about our synagogue and community can be found throughout the CBE website:
www.bethelohim.org. Applicants are encouraged to view the CBE Profile created specifically for
interested rabbinical candidates:
Resumes with cover letters will be accepted starting this September through November 17th, 2016.
They will be reviewed as they arrive, with the intention of conducting Skype (or Facetime) interviews in
the late Fall of 2016, and rabbi candidate weekend visits during the months of January and February

Candidates are assured of confidentiality before visiting Congregation Beth Elohim for an in-person
Thank you for your interest in our community,
The CBE Rabbi Search Committee
Sue Abrams Co-Chair, CBE Rabbi Search Committee
Chris Whitbeck Co-Chair, CBE Rabbi Search Committee

Work Remotely: no

We seek a rabbinical candidate who shares our values and will embrace our religiously diverse congregation.
The successful candidate will have a rabbinical degree and should have a strong educational background in both
religious and secular studies.
Personal Experience
We require a candidate with the following background:
● The candidate should have a rabbinical ordination and a college education
● At least 3 years of experience as a congregational rabbi at a similarly sized or larger synagogue or as an
associate rabbi at a larger congregation
● Skilled in pastoral counseling
● Experience and comfort with diverse religious communities including those with interfaith families
In addition, the following skills and traits are desirable:
● Skilled at chanting Torah
● Masters’ degree or higher
● Comfortable with on-line communication
● Openness to officiating at interfaith weddings
● Experience with Jewish outreach a plus

Working collaboratively with the CBE board of directors, the CBE rabbi’s roles will include the following priorities as
identified by our congregation:
Religious and Spiritual Leader – The rabbi will work with CBE’s Cantor, ritual committee, and interested
members to enhance spirituality and instill Jewish values in a positive way. For example, the rabbi should:
● set the tone for congregation’s religious observance (including teens and children)
● lead Shabbat services and give divrei Torah
● provide meaningful, intellectually stimulating sermons
● work closely with CBE’s Cantor to plan services, B’nai Mitzvah, and holiday services
● embrace CBE’s religious model and set religious policy in cooperation with CBE’s board
● support music in services by coordinating with CBE’s Cantor and choir director
● lead the community planning of High Holiday services and other holidays
Life Cycle Officiant – The rabbi will be involved with congregants and potential members during the range of the
Jewish life-cycle events. The rabbi should support interfaith families in these life-cycle events in halachically
sensitive ways that foster inclusion. For example, the rabbi should:
● officiate at baby namings
● officiate at Brit Milah ceremonies in the homes of congregants
● co-ordinate CBE’s B’nai Mitzvah program with the CBE Cantor, work with B’nai Mitzvah students and
families, and with B’nai Mitzvah tutors in preparation for these occasions
● teach a monthly confirmation class
● Officiate at congregant weddings, including those of interfaith and LGBT couples
● teach a group adult B’nai Mitzvah class
● facilitate Jewish conversion of adults and children
● officiate at services during Shiva in congregant’s homes
● officiate at congregant’s funeral ceremonies
Pastoral Counselor – The rabbi will see his/her role of counselor, healer and spiritual caretaker to be core duties.
The rabbi will be emotionally present for the congregants. For example, the rabbi should:
● hold posted office hours to enable congregants to seek advice at known times
● listen and engage, provide support and pastoral counseling to distressed congregants
● respond sincerely, compassionately, and in a timely manner to exceptional circumstances in congregants'
● counsel families in mourning
● visit sick congregants
Internal Community Builder – The rabbi should be eager to connect with our diverse congregation both
formally and informally. The rabbi should foster cohesion and inclusion by motivating adults, teens and children to
get more involved in synagogue life. For example, the rabbi should:
● be a visible presence at CBE, foster community, and energize the congregation
● lead and inspire the CBE staff and hold regular staff meetings
● have excellent interpersonal skills and connect with potential, new and continuing members, including
teens and children
● be an active participant in the CBE Religious School and the CBE Early Learning Center pre-school
● attend monthly CBE board of directors meetings
● communicate regularly with CBE board members such as the President and Ritual Chair
● Reach out to interfaith and LGBTQ members and be aware of their needs

Communicator – The rabbi should be an effective and compelling speaker with excellent communication
skills (especially with younger members and children). The rabbi should be able to modify a service depending
on the audience. For example, the rabbi should:
● be an engaging speaker
● respond sincerely, compassionately, and in a timely manner to exceptional circumstances in congregants'
● use the Internet to communicate with the congregation, for instance, in our synagogue newsletter, in
email, and on our website
● have a pleasant singing voice
● teach education classes to the adult community
Personal Qualities

The next CBE rabbi should have the following personal qualities, which we believe to be most important to our
● Approachable and Available – The rabbi should be a visible presence and be available in an informal way
as part of the fabric of everyday synagogue life. Our community is a hamish group that has close
connections to each other and we desire our new rabbi to have and foster warm community connections.
● Embracing of Diversity – The rabbi should be comfortable embracing a congregation with varying levels of
Jewish observance. The rabbi should be comfortable interacting with all ages, interfaith families, LGBTQ
members, and practice both matrilineal and patrilineal decent.
● Intellectual – The rabbi’s focus on personal study and knowledge of world events will enrich sermons and
serve as a role model for the synagogue community.
● Inspiring and Charismatic – The rabbi should inspire our youth, grow membership, and strengthen our
own Jewish connections.
● Enthusiastic – The rabbi should be enthusiastic, and a sense of humor would not hurt either!
● Sensitive / Good Listener – Being a sensitive and empathic listener is viewed as an essential quality.
Additional Information

The CBE rabbi position is a full-time, on-site position.
Local travel is required (5% - 10%), for example to visit congregants during shiva and to attend various community

Position Start Date: July 18, 2018
Send resumes and cover letter to:

Resumes, cover letters, and relevant accompanying materials should be mailed to CBE, or can be emailed
to rabbisearchcommittee@bethelohim.org .
Attn: Rabbi Search Committee
133 Prospect Street
Congregation Beth Elohim
Acton, MA 01720