About The Interfaith Families Project

About the Interfaith Families Project

The Interfaith Families Project (IFFP)is an independent community of interfaith families and others. A 501(c)(3) organization, we are committed to sharing, learning about, and celebrating our Jewish and Christian traditions. Started in 1995 and now in our third decade, we have grown to over 100 families from Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. IFFP is a place where both Jewish and Christian partners can feel like equal members of the community; where both can celebrate and learn about both faiths and where we “teach not preach.”

IFFP seeks to develop our children, ourselves, and our community through opportunities for education about Christianity and Judaism, holiday celebrations, fellowship, spiritual gatherings, community service, and exploration of interfaith identity in an environment that encourages questions and respects different answers.

The core value of IFFP is respect–for each other, for Judaism and for Christianity. As a community, we celebrate, explore, question and enjoy both religious traditions.  IFFP members neither reject our religious backgrounds nor seek a new religion that is a mixture of Christian and Jewish belief. Instead, we believe it is possible — and desirable — to honor our distinct religious traditions and to share those traditions with spouses, partners and children. Please view our Welcome and Community Inclusion Statement to learn more about IFFP and its values.

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