About Temple Isaiah

Currently many of our members are elderly, and what is most important to our congregation is that Judaism survive. During the pandemic we shifted to virtual services, including Bar/Bat Mitzvot, but the lack of face-to-face gatherings as a community took a toll on membership. Another problem we encounter, now in-person services and events have resumed, is that religious affiliation appears to no longer be a priority for young families (of all faiths). Children seem to be heavily booked for after-school activities (sports, music, art, etc.) and the time for religious school seems to have been usurped. We seek ways to revive the priority of a Jewish education and to figure out what we can do to bring young families to Temple Isaiah again. We've begun the use of 21st century communication tools (e.g., social media). Having a rabbi attuned to the needs of these evolving young Jewish families – a rabbi who is, perhaps, even one of them – would help us with this most important target population. We continue to be optimistic.

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    Temple Isaiah
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    • 2 months ago