About Temple Har Zion

Temple Har Zion in Mount Holly, NJ, is a small (70 family) innovative congregation.

We are a warm, egalitarian synagogue established more than 80 years ago, and have been joyfully davvenning in both the Conservative and Jewish Renewal traditions for many years.  Our members enjoy taking leadership roles in services, programs and social action. We have an active Sisterhood and Men's Club that plan events and social gatherings as well as support Hebrew School and Holiday events.

Our services alternate between conservative-ish and Jewish renewal with musical (instruments encouraged), meditative, and mystical elements.

We are an egalitarian congregation; it has been our tradition that everyone cover their heads, and everyone don a tallis if called for an Aliyah. Our Torah blessing cards are written with traditional Hebrew on one side, and in the feminine on the flip side; congregants choose the side they prefer. We have new Conservative siddurim (Lev Shalem) with gender-neutral and matriarch-inclusive language; some congregants continue to change “G!d, He” to “G!d,” or “The Lord,” when we read aloud. Some of our congregants use feminine language (Hebrew and English) for prayers. We use Ivdu Et Hashem B'Simcha for Renewal services.

  • Rabbi, half time or three quarter time or more

    Temple Har Zion
    New Jersey
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