About Kol BeRamah

A member of the Orthodox Union, Kol BeRamah’s community is made of approximately 40 member units, along with a number of less-involved, yet fairly regular attendees. Of these, only a handful would self-identify as shomer mitzvot; on the other hand, we have a very strong commitment to learning and self-improvement. This true desire to learn has impressed visiting rabbis and scholars over the years. The very large range of Jewish observance levels, in the context of a traditional synagogue, gives the synagogue a unique warmth and welcoming feeling to those who attend services. Currently we get minyanim most Shabbos mornings, with a total attendance of about 20-30 people, generally. We currently do not have regular weekday minyanim. We make yahrtzeit minyanim as needed for members of the community, as well as visitors to the area. KBR has sifrei Torah, and a Beit Midrash with a quite extensive library. We rent a pleasant suite in a small office complex adjacent to several quiet residential neighborhoods. Our beit midrash/sanctuary can hold up to 60-70 people for holiday meals (for events such as Rosh Hashanah dinner, a community Seder, Shabbat dinners, scholar-in-residence Shabbatons, etc), with a children’s classroom, a rabbi’s office, a kitchen, and a lobby/lounge area. The Board of KBR is currently composed of 7 members, with a diverse range of skills and abilities. Each board member has chosen a “portfolio” which consists of one of the following roles: adult/children’s education, Jewish holidays/events, fundraising, and social events/membership development.

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