About Joliet Comunity Congregation

Our Synagogue is a warm, welcoming non-judgmental community of friends. We welcome all who seek a Jewish experience by providing a setting where each individual can enjoy his/her personal level of religious practice, spirituality and intellectual search.

We warmly embrace interfaith families. We believe the non-Jewish spouses can enrich our congregations understanding of Judaism and life in 21st century America. We also warmly embrace Jews-by-choice on their sacred journey in their religious exploration of Jewish life.

We are a Congregation of 70+ families located 45 miles SW of Chicago and we are seeking a new part-time Religious Leader. We are accepting of Patrilineal Decent.  Must be a proficient Torah Reader.  Our preference is for a Rabbi, but all who qualify as described below will be considered.
·       A living model of how to live an integrated Jewish life and able to inspire Students and Congregants
·       A Relationship Builder
·       An Informal Educator
·       A Strategic Community Organizer
·       A Self-Starter
·       A Team Player
·       Flexible – able to adapt to organizational and communal needs as they shift and evolve, and shift relationship- and community-building tactics should obstacles arise.
·       Success working in informal education frameworks.
·       Experience with Students and Congregants and/or young adults and proven ability to relate to their concerns and developmental stage.
·       Demonstrated ability to think and act strategically to reach clear goals.
·       Ability to prioritize and balance multiple projects simultaneously.
This position will be successful if:
·       This individual has a teaching and/or Jewish mentoring passion
·       They bring sophisticated, relevant Jewish substance to conversations and activities with Students and Congregants.
·       Meaningful and effective organizational partnerships are forged that strengthen the local Jewish community and provide more resources to Jewish young adults.

Key Job Responsibilities
·       Must be proficient Torah reader
·       Building relationships and Jewish experiences.
·       Meeting Students and Congregants and congregants one-on-one, teaching in small groups and staffing immersion experiences, and developing new and creative Jewish initiatives, including on and around Shabbat and Jewish holidays.
·       Identify the Jewish educational needs of the young Jewish adults.
·       Bring creative and meaningful approaches to existing projects, programs, and learning communities.
Community Partnerships & Collaboration
·       Act as a Jewish leader and community organizer in the local Jewish community. This requires meeting existing organizational leaders and finding ways to collaborate and connect young Jewish adults to the local Jewish community.

  • Rabbi

    Joliet Comunity Congregation
    • Part Time
    • 4 years ago
  • Rabbi/Religious Leader

    Joliet Comunity Congregation
    • Part Time
    • 4 years ago