About Jewish Family Service of Cincinnati

Rabbinic Pastoral Care and End-of-Life Support:

  • Jewish Observance Leadership: Lead and officiate key Jewish ceremonies and services, embracing the richness of Jewish rituals and traditions.
  • Pastoral Relationships and Care: Foster deep, ongoing relationships with participants, providing compassionate support, especially during challenging life transitions and end-of-life moments.
  • Memorial Service Facilitation: Conduct and oversee memorial services, offering comfort and guidance on Jewish funeral and burial practices to families and the community.
  • Comprehensive Pastoral Support: Offer a range of pastoral services, including hospital visits, counseling in retirement communities, and home pastoral care.
  • Ritual and Educational Leadership: Provide a holistic approach to Jewish observance, combining traditional rituals with educational and counseling services based on Jewish teachings and ethics.

Rabbinic and New Participant/Resident Outreach:

Welcoming New Residents/Participants: Develop and implement initiatives to warmly welcome new Jewish residents/participants, ensuring they are informed and feel connected to the services and programs offered by K’vod Connect.

Community Integration Support: Actively assist new residents/participants in integrating into the Jewish community, providing personalized outreach and creating opportunities for them to engage with the community at large.

Relationship Building and Outreach:

Community Engagement Initiatives: Develop and host engaging community events like 'Lunch and Learn' sessions, Torah studies, and Kabbalat Shabbat programs designed to strengthen the Jewish community's bond and identity.

Congregational Collaboration: Work alongside congregational rabbis to ensure a unified approach in providing Jewish leadership and spiritual guidance across the community.

Rabbinic Networking: Cultivate strong, cooperative relationships with local Rabbinic boards and associations, enhancing the outreach and impact of K’vod Connect’s programs.

Volunteer Management and Engagement:

Volunteer Program Oversight: Manage and mentor volunteers, fostering a supportive environment that encourages their active participation in community service and program development.

Recruitment and Training: Lead efforts in recruiting and training new volunteers, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute effectively to K’vod Connect’s mission.

Data Collection and Reporting:

Detailed Record-Keeping: Maintain comprehensive records of pastoral activities, documenting interactions and outcomes to ensure a high standard of care and service.

Continuous Quality Improvement: Engage in ongoing quality improvement and outcome measurement initiatives utilizing feedback and data to refine and enhance program offerings and pastoral care.

Salesforce Proficiency: Utilize the Salesforce platform for efficient tracking of contacts, interactions, and outcomes, enabling informed decision-making and reporting.

Administrative and Organizational Roles:

Rabbinic and Managerial Support: Provide robust support to the K’vod Rabbi and staff in various administrative, pastoral, and educational functions.

Interdisciplinary Teamwork: Collaborate with K’vod Connect/JFS staff and the broader community to promote a multidisciplinary approach to pastoral care, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive service delivery.

Ongoing Professional Development: Participate in regular professional development activities, staff meetings, and supervisory sessions, focusing on continual learning and adaptation to meet the evolving needs of the community.

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