About Jewish Community of Central Oregon, Shalom Bayit

The Jewish Community of Central Oregon (JCCO) celebrates all major and most minor holidays
and we have an enormous outdoor oil menorah for Hanukkah and a wonderful Sukkah that
have spectacular snow-capped mountain views.


We hold Shabbat services on average twice a month and promote active participation from our
congregants. Shalom Bayit, our physical building, is home to the community religious school for
our members as well as children from the Reform and Chabad communities in Bend. We have a
small but dedicated membership who come from a wide variety of religious backgrounds, plus
an active group of lay service leaders, Torah study regulars, and those thirsty for more
“Jewishness” in their active, daily lives in beautiful Central Oregon.

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    Jewish Community of Central Oregon, Shalom Bayit
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