About Congregation Temple Emanuel, Beaumont, Texas

1. Congregation Temple Emanuel's membership numbers 134 with the following demographics: 80%+ members ages sixty (60) and above.

2. There are five Religious School age children as well as two teenagers.

3. Adult Education programs have been offered on a quarterly basis in addition to weekly Torah Study on Saturday mornings.

4. Temple Emanuel members participate in congregational activities, Shabbat/Holiday/Festival Services at a high percentage level.

5. Temple members serve/have served on local, state, and national Boards.

6. Extremely loyal congregation that has the ability to accomplish most any goal.

7. Congregants have a strong commitment to maintaining a Jewish presence in the local community and the greater Southeast Texas region, thereby maintaining the rich heritage of our 126-year-old congregation.

8. Congregation Temple Emanuel as a whole and many congregants individually enjoy a high profile and a stellar reputation in the local community and in the greater Southeast Texas area.

9. Congregation Temple Emanuel has an extraordinary relationship with leaders of the Interfaith Community and the membership of those houses of worship as evidenced by our 'Love Thy Neighbor' Initiative.

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