About Congregation Adat Reyim

Our congregation was fortunate enough to have a full two years to prepare for the retirement of our current rabbi of 29 years. Insights and opinions from congregants have been collected in a variety of ways. More than 100 members gave thoughtful responses to our survey; nearly 250 members provided insights at our focus groups; and some 75 members provided reactions to three guest rabbi visits. The congregational values and rabbi characteristics identified through this process have formed the foundation of the job description and the questions that will be asked of rabbi candidates.

Here are some key values that emerged:

Today, our community at Adat Reyim is a  caring, connected congregation reflective of a diversity of Jewish practices and welcoming of interfaith families. We are a participatory, innovative congregation.

In the future, we want to be even more welcoming to all individuals.  We want to improve the religious education for our children from preschool through teens and create a learning home for all members.  We want to provide a spiritually fulfilling home to all members and provide the supports needed so all can comfortably participate in the spiritual and community life at Adat Reyim.

The characteristics we want most for the next Rabbi include someone who is an approachable, compassionate leader – working to building community within Adat Reyim.  An engaging spiritual and religious educator for all members, particularly children and youth. We want someone who is a collaborator and someone who has a strong presence in congregational life.

You can read the executive summary of what we learned through the congregational input process here.

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