About Bethesda Jewish Congregation (BJC)

1. BJC is a warm, welcoming and inclusive community. We are unaffiliated and represent a myriad of views of Jewish identity, although we lean liberal/Reform, and are deeply spiritual. We respect these different views and combine them into a unique whole in our programs and religious services. We are committed to an interfaith approach, as we have many interfaith families. We welcome all ages, races, and types of families. We share space with Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church and Maqaame Ibrahim Islamic Center.
2. Music unites us, and music is fundamental to worship practices. Music is the lifeblood of the Congregation, and our services offer opportunities for both traditional worship and creative worship experiences.
3. As a community with a strong social conscience, we are ardently committed to civic, community, and social action causes. We are active in refugee resettlement, curbing gun violence, and helping people in our local communities. A large number of BJC members believe that social action and bringing justice into the world are the highest expressions of Judaism.

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    Bethesda Jewish Congregation (BJC)
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