About Bethesda Jewish Congregation

BJC serves Jews from traditional and liberal religious backgrounds, as well as secular Jews, interfaith couples, and their families. BJC has a proud history of welcoming anyone who wants to worship and participate with us. BJC is co-located with and has enjoyed an over 50-year relationship with Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church (BHPC) in residential Bethesda, MD, a suburb of Washington, DC. BJC and BHPC also partner with local mosques, engaging in many joint activities, while each remains faithful to its own religious roots.

We are seeking a Spiritual Leader who can lead us and expand upon our Jewish journey. A Spiritual Leader will find us open and supportive of the freedom to be innovative, and if an idea needs tweaking or dropping, supportive of trying again. Our members want to grow, to learn, and to serve in the cause of making the world and our community a better place. We are seeking a Spiritual Leader who wants to be a part of our lives and make deep connections. We are a diverse and strong community who will embrace our next Spiritual Leader.

As an unaffiliated congregation, we offer the opportunity to take a trans-denominational approach to worship.

When we describe ourselves, several key themes emerge. We love music as an essential component of worship. We are deeply committed to social action and working with the other Abrahamic faiths (as we are housed in a church). We love to learn and have fun together.

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