About Beacon Hebrew Alliance

Beacon Hebrew Alliance (BHA) is a 100+ year young congregation that is one of the foundational centers for Jewish life in Dutchess County NY and the lower Hudson Valley. It was founded with a strong focus on Jewish community, and this remains true today.
It has gone through many cycles and transformations. It started with the inspirational founding by immigrant Jews moving from NYC in the 1920s, progressed to a vital and active center for Jewish life through the mid-20th Century, and was sustained by a small but dedicated core in the late 20th Century. (BHA History)
The 21st Century has brought a new influx of active and involved families bringing new ideas, new energy, and new contributions. It is not unusual today to see 50-60 children at some of our child-focused special events. Our musical Kabbalat Shabbat services, children's services, and associated potluck dinners are warm, lively, and uplifting. Chagim, including the High Holidays are communally-celebrated, sometimes in our traditional space and sometimes in nature or other sites in the community. Being responsive to the needs of a diverse Jewish community is a strength of BHA, and continues to manifest as new members (especially those with young children as well as retirees) continue to move to the area. At BHA, there is something for everyone, and everyone is represented in the diversity of ways to participate. At a time when synagogue communities are shrinking or closing, BHA finds itself with new, committed members.
We are a congregation with deep roots and modern energy. Our community is diverse, with many different views and approaches to Judaism. We are inclusive, and welcome people of all backgrounds and beliefs. We are building on our venerable existing foundations, and creating new structures that we hope will sustain us as a vibrant center for Jewish life for the next 100 years.

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