Xavier University is seeking an Interfaith Program Director and Jewish Chaplain to join the team of the Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice (CFJ). As a Jesuit Catholic University, we are committed to deepening our recognition of the sacred and pursuing the common good. In a community forged from diversity, the CFJ challenges and supports Xavier’s diverse constituents as they pursue these complementary ends. Through faith formation and education for social change, we seek to equip students to live in a diverse world where faith matters and justice is imperative. The Center is built on the invitation to find God in all things and the principles of solidarity and the common good. The Interfaith Program Director and Jewish Chaplain will play a critical leadership role on-campus to help foster engagement across religious difference amongst students, faculty, and staff; the individual in this position will also provide pastoral care to students asking important questions about faith, identity, spirituality, and vocation.

Position Details

Xavier is moving into a new era of the University’s approach to both interfaith work and serving its Jewish student community. As such, we are looking for a new team member who will help shape, develop, execute, and inspire interfaith work on our campus. As a member of the Center for Faith and Justice, the Interfaith Program Director and Jewish Chaplain will create new avenues for engaging students’ curiosity and will collaborate with other team members on an array of programs that support students in exploring the intersection of religion, faith and justice. This position will play a central role in the upcoming strategic planning and programmatic creation processes that will guide the next era of interfaith work on-campus. Once the planning process is complete, the Interfaith Program Director and Jewish Chaplain will direct and coordinate the efforts of Chaplains of other faith traditions in the interfaith programming offerings of the Center to help students grow in their capacities to engage religious difference with depth and purpose. These programs could include, but are not limited to: Educational programs or events to highlight the religious traditions of many faiths, interfaith retreats, immersive trips where religion or religious identity is engaged, and opportunities for students to build relationships across religious difference. Additionally, the Jewish Chaplain will play a primary role in the care of our Jewish student community. At Xavier, a Jesuit University nestled in a vibrant Midwestern city that has a unique and significant role in the Reformed Jewish movement, this position also serves as our liaison to the local Cincinnati and national Jewish communities.

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Work Remotely: no

We are seeking candidates that have achieved rabbinic ordination and have a minimum of 2-5 years of experience relevant to the core duties of the position. The ideal candidate is a dynamic, student-centered Rabbi is who able to connect with a wide variety of Jewish students, as well as with students from a range of religious traditions. An ideal candidate has demonstrated experiences of collaborating with others on team-driven initiatives, as well as demonstrated ability to work effectively with faculty, staff and community leaders.

Preferred qualifications: Experience in leading trainings, pastoral care of young adults, public speaking, and development/fundraising; professional experience leading or coordinating interfaith initiatives. The right candidate will be creative, generous and collaborative.

Position Start Date: July 1, 2019
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About Xavier University's Center for Faith & Justice

Xavier is a mid-sized Jesuit university with a commitment to providing it students with an experience consistent with Jesuit values of cura personalis and solidarity. Cura personalis means care of the whole person. For Xavier, this means wanting to offer students a chance for faith formation and community in their own religious tradition. Solidarity challenges us across boundaries. Nestled in a city with a vibrant and significant Jewish community, we hope this position brings together those local resources with our campus to provide a unique experience for Jewish students. Through interfaith work, we know this will also benefit the entire campus.

The Center for Faith & Justice (CFJ) serves students as they seek to grow spiritually, pursue justice and promote pluralism.