The Rav Beit Hasefer (School Rabbi) is currently an administrative position with four basic
roles: (1) Overseeing and shaping the Jewish life and experiences for students and families. (2)
Rabbinic functions within the school. (3) Rabbinic functions within the larger community. (4)
Judaic Studies Educational Leader. The job functions in conjunction with the overall school
mission and activities as outlined below.

Principal Responsibilities:
Overseeing and shaping the Jewish life and experiences for students and families
− Assists in promoting a positive school climate among students, parents, staff, and the
larger community
− Responsible for pastoral counseling, communications, and visits
− Functions as a Jewish resource for faculty, students, parents, alumni
− Helps to plan and teach classes for parents in Jewish life and learning
− Promotes parental consideration of school values and practices, especially regarding
Shabbat and kashrut, when they plan birthday parties and bar/bat mitzvah celebrations
− Fosters students’ devotion to Jewish living, both in and out of school
− Functions as a religious counselor for students on issues of belief in God, sexuality, and
religious observance
− Verifies the Jewish status of student applicants; ensures that applicants who are on a path
to conversion fulfill their commitment to complete the conversion
Rabbinic functions within the school
− Serves as the mara d’atra (authority in matters of Jewish law) of the school and the Beit
− Responsible for Tefillah (including daily services and Tefillah education) throughout the
− Supervises and regulates observance of kashrut at school and community functions
through school-wide communications, oversight of school kitchens, and student and
parent education
− Functions as part of the leadership team, serving as a resource on issues surrounding the
school’s mission and core values, and on halakhic, spiritual and moral issues
Rabbinic functions within the larger community
− Represents school at school functions and programming
− Serves as a liaison to local rabbis and congregations
− Chairs a Rabbinic Advisory Committee as a means of deepening congregations’
relationships with Hillel and charting a solid communal course for the school
− Attending, speaking, and teaching at spiritual and ceremonial moments/milestone events.
Judaic Studies Educational Leader
− Serving as a resource and supervisor for faculty and staff members as well as having
responsibility for the ongoing Jewish Studies professional development of the faculty. ·
− Supervising the Hebrew Language Coordinator and the Judaic Studies teachers and
− Overseeing Judaic Studies Curriculum (Tal Am, Matok, Benchmarks, Hebrew, etc),
− Overseeing and continuing the revamping of the K-8 Tefillah program and curriculum
which includes working closely with the Tefillah facilitators and teachers.
Other duties as assigned by the Head of School


Work Remotely: no

Job Requirements
Knowledge, Skills, and Experience:
Knowledge of:
● Halakhah
● Tanakh
● Prayer
● Hebrew Language and Literature
● Jewish History
● Rabbinic Literature (Mishnah, Talmud, and commentaries)
● Jewish Life Cycle events
● Holocaust
● Jewish holidays and observances
● Theology and religious belief
● curriculum
● Instructional pedagogy
3+ years of experience in Jewish education
Experience working with Elementary and middle school children
Must be Shomer Shabbat
Strong communication, interpersonal and organizational skills
Ability to work well with all members of the Hillel community and the larger Jewish community
− A Master's degree in Jewish or general education
− Rabbinic ordination from a recognized rabbinical school


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To Apply:
Send a cover letter and resume to Brian Ginsberg, employment@hillelday.org, or bginsberg@hillelday.org