The CEO has six direct reports who lead the following departments:
 Planning and Administration
 Development
 Member and Field Services
 Marketing and Communications
 Policy and Grassroots Advocacy
 Israel Policy and Programs

Position Summary
As the organization celebrates its 125th anniversary, NCJW will welcome a new CEO to serve as a strategic, visionary leader committed to advancing progressive causes. This individual will join the organization at a momentous time in the country’s history as threats to social justice and civil rights further amplify the need for NCJW’s work.
Working closely with the Board President, a new CEO will have the opportunity to elevate NCJW’s reach and impact, continuing to articulate the organization’s value and relevance to current and potential members, sections of all sizes, donors and supporters of the organization and its work, and potential activist partners who share NCJW’s values.
This individual will be responsible for the critical fundraising and external affairs work of the organization. The CEO will be passionate about creating alliances and providing leadership both within the Jewish community and
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across secular groups of all backgrounds to give voice to their common and intersectional causes.
The CEO will serve as the key management leader for a motivated and passionate team, promoting an internal culture of teamwork and collaboration, and continuing to foster a seamless transition to NCJW’s new home in Washington, DC.
The ideal leader is a versatile, decisive, and forward-thinking leader who embodies the integrity and passion for social justice that characterize NCJW.

 Set and execute a vision for the organization in collaboration with the Board; be a change agent; represent the organization internally and externally; be passionate about the mission of the organization.
 Fundraise and advocate for the organization, its mission, and its vision; be a key spokesperson to NCJW’s mission.
 Develop and implement operational efficiencies and innovative approaches to achieve financial sustainability, including generating alternative revenue streams and the building of strategic partnerships.
 Innovate strategically, taking appropriate risks and experimenting with new approaches and philosophies; lead a campaign to expand and diversify the NCJW’s constituency; attract new and younger members to the organization.
 Enhance the public profile of NCJW nationally and at the local levels; shape understanding in both the Jewish community and beyond, of NCJW’s mission.
 Build, engage, and support a strong Board of Directors; seek and encourage Board involvement with strategic direction; use guidance from the Board to help make decisions.
 Enable the development and success of staff by communicating priorities effectively, setting clear and reasonable expectations for direct reports and their departments, and implementing efficient decision-making processes; collaborate with staff to creatively develop talent, increase career opportunities and drive employee engagement.
 Assess the viability, relevance, and sustainability of current programming; identify, develop, and when necessary, revamp programs in collaboration with Board, sections, and staff; explore and assess NCJW’s role in Israel and globally.
 Create and foster dialogue and mutual understanding among sections; curate opportunities for sections to share ideas around key revenue-generating prospects, effect policy change, attract new membership and supporters, and serve their respective communities through volunteerism; inspire a new generation of section membership and leadership to get involved at the local level and as part of the national network.
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The Person
Pivotal Experience and Expertise
 Proven success in creating and energizing a vision, and aligning an organization’s staff with overall objectives; an effective consensus builder among all stakeholders including: Board members, staff, sections leaders, and volunteers.
 Ability to build on existing and generate new relationships to grow and diversify revenue streams from a variety of sources; a significant fundraising track-record.
 Strong management experience and proven financial acumen; background running a large, complex organization with diverse stakeholders.
 Experience reporting to, developing, and managing a Governance Board.
 Ability to bring a distinctive faith-based voice to public debates to inspire stakeholders, both locally and nationally; knowledge of relevant policy positions, advocacy and/or government is preferred.

Leadership Capabilities
 A strategic, dynamic leader and inspirational change agent who can create and effectively implement a vision for the future direction of NCJW; influencer able to energize and mobilize groups around a common purpose.
 An experienced fundraiser who enjoys building strong relationships with donors and evangelizing the work of NCJW.
 Commitment to the mission of NCJW and an understanding of the importance of the NCJW grassroots to advance the mission; a passionate advocate who can motivate others to act, join, donate and get involved.
 A collaborative management style that motivates staff, provides clear and consistent direction and fosters accountability.
 Able to listen and respect the ideas of others, but also make and implement clear decisions as well as to value and understand the work of staff members, section leaders, and the volunteer network.
 Exceptional communication skills and the proven ability to be an effective spokesperson for the organization.

Culture Fit and Impact
 An agile, forward-thinking and decisive leader who can pivot to adjust in a rapidly changing world, while remaining true to the mission and history of the organization.
 A supportive and emotionally intelligent leader with excellent interpersonal skills who fosters internal trust.
 An organizational leader who motivates and inspires teams fosters an inclusive and transparent environment, builds cultural awareness, and maximizes the benefits of a diverse and intersectional workforce.
 A results-oriented leader who establishes priorities for the organization with clearly articulated responsibilities and goals, helping the organization stay relevant.

Work Remotely: no
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