• Provide religious and spiritual leadership to invigorate and energize this community in transition, which includes members of all levels of observance
  • Inspire, challenge and encourage all members in their Jewish knowledge, understanding, beliefs and practices
  • Encourage strong lay participation and provide training as needed.
  • Create personal and meaningful interactions with congregants and community members
  • Promote communal activity and actively work to build membership numbers
  • Support the larger envisioning of the community and be committed to our growth
Community Description:

The Jewish Congregation of Maui is an inclusive, non-affiliated community on Maui.  Our shul, Beit Shalom, is Maui’s only synagogue.  Our small egalitarian congregation includes members from a broad spectrum of Jewish background and practice, including a sizable Israeli population.  Our shul also serves Maui tourists, who regularly join us for Shabbat and holidays, as well as Jews from the mainland seeking to organize a destination wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah on Maui.

Work Remotely: no

The successful candidate will provide our community with a positive and engaging role model of Jewish life. The candidate should demonstrate the following qualities, skills and experience:


  • Semicha
  • Learned in Halacha, Torah, Jewish history, literature, culture, and spirituality

Jewish Observance

  • Post-denominational outlook
  • Highly engaged in a personal Jewish spiritual path
  • Open and flexible approach towards people from differing backgrounds
  • Demonstrates a strong commitment to the State of Israel
  • Sensitive to mixed marriage couples and their children
  • Sensitive to LGBTQ members of the community

Interpersonal and Communication skills

  • Enthusiastic and engaging, welcoming and hospitable, open, gracious, empathetic and tolerant
  • A good listener and an outstanding communicator
  • Friendly, personable, approachable, kind, trustworthy, caring, and respectful
  • Will proactively seek opportunities to visit the sick, isolated and bereaved
  • Motivated to drive the community forward through passion and active management
  • Eager to engage positively with, and motivate, people of all ages
  • Accomplished at leading energetic and motivational services
  • Able to clearly communicate knowledge to others and give over concise, passionate, meaningful, and relevant teachings
  • Eager to encourage strong lay participation and provide training where appropriate
  • Capable of and willing to work collaboratively as part of a team with the Executive Director, Board of Directors and volunteers
  • Seeks and responds to feedback
  • Demonstrates a high standard of verbal and written English and Hebrew communication
  • Able to work collaboratively with the Board of Directors to actively promote membership
  • Interested in playing a positive role in cross-communal relations
  • Embraces debate and discussion, even if the views expressed diverge from the norm
  • Relates to real-world issues and causes
  • Maintains high levels of discretion and confidentiality at all times
Position Start Date: November 1, 2019


Salary Range: TBD
Send resumes and cover letter to:


About Jewish Congregation of Maui/Bait Shalom

We have existed as an organized congregation for over 20 years, but the past few years have seen a dramatic fall-off of membership and community involvement. We are currently in transition, working to rebuild our community.

Our ideal Rabbi candidate must relish the challenge of re-building broken relationships and establishing new ones, as well as providing spiritual inspiration to an exceptionally diverse community. Our ideal Rabbi candidate must be highly approachable and will have the essential skills necessary for initiating sustainable programing and fostering strong lay leadership.