The Jewish Community Project Downtown (JCP) seeks an experienced, inspirational, and entrepreneurial
executive director to lead the organization into a vibrant, growth-oriented and sustainable future.

Following a period of rapid growth, JCP seeks a dynamic, collaborative executive director to work closely with the board, staff, community and other stakeholders to direct current programs, while driving the development and implementation of strategic plans for future growth. Key upcoming projects include fulfilling a capital campaign and finding, buying and renovating a new building that will allow all JCP staff and programs to be housed in one location and provide space for additional programs, celebrations, ceremonies, and meetings; the development of a strategic plan that will clearly outline the organization’s future direction; and the creation of partnerships that will leverage JCP’s leadership position in the downtown community and provide additional opportunities for innovative programming. The ideal candidate will bring emotional intelligence, entrepreneurial spirit, rigorous business discipline, and a sense of humor to the role.

Key Responsibilities

Leadership & Executive Management

  • Lead, manage and inspire a professional staff of 17 with 6 direct reports focused on educational programs including two schools and afterschool classes, community engagement and programming, fundraising, communications/marketing, finance, administration, and operations.
  • Communicate effectively with the staff; ensure they understand the vision for JCP and how their work contributes to its realization; share information in an effective and timely way, so staff understand board and executive decisions and can align their work with institutional priorities.
  • Support staff in career advancement, ensuring that people have meaningful opportunities for professional development that enhance their growth and support retention of key staff; provide mentorship and coaching that results in a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.

Board Relations/Board Development

  • Work closely with a committed and energized board of directors, a professional consultant, staff and other stakeholders to develop a strategic plan that sets a clear direction for the JCP’s future.
  • Coordinate with the board co-presidents to establish objectives for the board and its committees, including board training and development and succession planning.
  • In collaboration with appropriate staff members, work directly with board committee chairs as required, including real estate, development, Jewish Life, audit, budget and finance, and governance.
  • Help define board best practices and encourage board development activities to clarify board roles and responsibilities and increase overall effectiveness.

Finance, Administration, Operations

  • Oversee financial/fiscal management, human resources operations, facilities, related systems and Regularly evaluate the status of operations, facilities, financial resources, and procedures.
  • In collaboration with the director of finance and administration, continuously develop and monitor the administrative and operational plan,
  • Direct the processes for developing and maintaining JCP’s $5.5M annual operating budget. Oversee the funds attributable to the capital campaign.

Program Development

  • Consult with and engage professional staff, volunteer leadership, JCPs educators and community members as appropriate in planning and developing programming with a goal of ensuring that program offerings continue to meet the evolving needs of the community.
  • Oversee the development and maintenance of a comprehensive annual calendar so that all JCP programming and marketing is mapped and coordinated on an annual basis.
  • Oversee program research, evaluation and planning to ensure JCP offerings are results-oriented and cost-effective. Oversee next stages of membership or other inner circle development in keeping with JCP’s track record of engaging new members of the community and retaining individuals and families who participate in some aspect of JCPs programming.


  • Direct the creation of effective, inspiring and exciting marketing materials, program guides, and membership materials.
  • Direct marketing and outreach activities working with the director of marketing and utilizing volunteer support.
  • Oversee outreach methodologies including web development, email blasts, online fundraising pitches and other ways of connecting with current and future members of the JCP community.
  • Test and review the effectiveness of approaches and refine accordingly.


  • Assume a leadership role supporting execution of the Annual Campaign, fundraising events and
    materials, and development committee activities overseeing a peer-to-peer outreach strategy.
  • Oversee professional aspects of Capital Campaign from real estate phase to solicitation phase, engaging architects to render materials and other experiences for donors and potential donors.


  • Working closely with professional staff and lay leaders, oversee campaigns to provide needed support for JCP’s programs and people.
  • Develop stewardship programs to retain donors and recognize contributors.
  • Develop relationships across diverse New York cultural communities with a goal of attracting people to the JCP community and increasing opportunities for partnerships of various kinds.
Work Remotely: no

The ideal candidate will be a seasoned, creative, and entrepreneurial leader with a passion for promoting Jewish cultural life and community-building. Specifically, she or he will have:

  • Minimum of 15 years of experience including several years in a leadership position with a demonstrated track record of motivating collaborative and results-oriented teams; non-profit experience strongly preferred.
  • Expertise in successfully leading an organization through next-stage growth.
  • Exposure to/understanding of fundraising in a professional or volunteer capacity, with the ability to make a meaningful contribution to fund development efforts.
Send resumes and cover letter to:

Please send resume and cover letter to JCPED@pbrsearch.com


The Jewish Community Project (JCP) is an innovative nonprofit organization serving the evolving needs of New York’s downtown Jewish community. Founded as a response to the need for connection in lower Manhattan during the days following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, JCP has become a flourishing center for diverse Jewish communal life, rich in values, culture, and tradition. Serving more than 700 families, JCP operates a highly-regarded early childhood center (ECC) which includes a prestigious preschool and a variety of stimulating programs for children aged 6 months to 5 years; youth programming, including a Hebrew school, a B’nai Mitzvah program and services; on-going adult education experiences; and Shabbat and holiday celebrations.

JCP embraces the fact that being Jewish means something different to everyone and is an inclusive space where people come together to explore and cultivate their Jewish identity and values. It is also a dynamic organization where professional staff, board members, parents, and volunteers collaborate to foster a compelling environment of learning and support.