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We are a family-centered, family-focused, and participatory congregation.  We welcome “family” in all of its variations; including singles, couples, empty-nesters, parents with children and those in the LGBT community.  Everyone who attends a worship service knows that Or Atid is a warm and caring congregational community. Congregation Or Atid makes the active statement that Conservative Judaism is not only alive and evolving, but it thrives as it touches our lives and enhances the meaning of life for us as individuals and as a community. Congregation Or Atid is a mishpacha, a place where everyone feels “at home.” For us, there is nowhere else where we continue to forge and maintain the special bond that we feel for each other and for our faith here in the greater Richmond Jewish Community.

1.                   We are egalitarian: We believe every Jewish child and adult should be encouraged to pursue his or her own highest level of devotion, prayer, scholarship and tzedakah regardless of gender.
2.                   We are inclusive:  We are not a “cliquey” community. We welcome any Jewish person or any person interested in Judaism as soon as they walk through our doors.  There is a place for everyone in the Or Atid mishpacha.


3.                   We are progressive:  Although we are a Conservative synagogue, we welcome change and new ideas into our Congregational rituals, events and educational programming.

We are unique in that, based on our Jewish values, we continuously re-evaluate our mission and vision in order to define our community needs and identity and provide meaningful religious, educational, and social experiences.  We accept and embrace change as a natural evolution of any organization, even one in which tradition is highly valued. Our small size allows us to be uniquely responsive to the needs of our congregants.

We are looking for a Rabbi who will engage our current members to embrace their heritage and encourage spiritual connection and growth. Coming to shul should represent a respite from the stressors of everyday life and represent an opportunity to recharge, reconnect, learn, daven and socialize.  Our Rabbi should be the welcoming force for this spiritual reconnection. The Rabbi should look for opportunities to connect with other Jewish leaders in our community and with the greater un-affiliated Jewish community.

How do you do Jewish : Conservative
Community Description:

Hamish, we are all about community

Work Remotely: yes

Most be ordained by the conservative movement or by an equivalent seminary. Must be able to do all life cycle events, pastoral counseling, sermons, teach B'nai Mitzvah students, adult education and work with the ritual committee.

Position Start Date: August 1, 2022


Salary Range: $110,000-130,000 including benefits
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