We are looking for a congregational leader who will lead religious services and who will act as a compassionate counselor, teacher and community leader.  We are looking for a Rabbi who seeks to develop relationships with congregants by “meeting people where they are in life.”  Someone who will inspire and connect to our multi-generational congregation.  Someone to help younger members start their own personal journeys of growth and commitment to Jewish values as well as someone to expand an individual’s breath of knowledge.  We desire a rabbi who will be a strong voice in the broader Jewish community as well as who will nurture multi-faith relationships.

Timing Expectations: Full-time Senior Rabbi
Community Description:

Established in 1850, Congregation Beth El is the largest Conservative synagogue in the area and is made up of a warm and committed congregation, some of whom are 2nd to 6th generation members. Beth El also welcomes many Jewish
service men and women, students and doctors from the surrounding Naval Base and Eastern Virgina Medical School. It is an innovative, diverse and inclusive community.
Beth El is located in Norfolk, VA, which is near Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There is a lot of outdoor living space in this area and it provides for a good quality of life. There are bike lanes near and around the synagogue as well as many outdoor eateries. Best of all we are a caring community focused on kindness in how we treat and work with each other.

Work Remotely: no

College educated and Rabbinically ordained.  We are a conservative synagogue active within the movement, but have been granted the opportunity to look outside the Rabbinical Movement for a short time.


Position Start Date: July 1, 2021

bringing range from $205,000 - $225,000

Salary Range: $150,000-$170,000
Send resumes and cover letter to:

Deborah Segaloff, deb@segaloff.net
Jerry Kantor, jjkantor55@gmail.com

About Congregation Beth El

To cultivate an active and engaged sacred community built on the strength of relationships, diversity and outreach, Congregation Beth El brings to our lives the joy and wisdom of Judaism through innovative, creative and spiritually enriching programs.

Beth El maintains financial and membership stability.  It has a strong endowment and no mortgage.  We reach congregants all week long through various programs beyond services.

We rent out education wing to a charter school for underprivileged students thus providing meaningful volunteer opportunities for our members.