Bnai Israel Congregation is seeking a full-time rabbi to serve our Conservative congregation of approximately 150 member units.

In addition to leading Friday evening and Shabbat morning services, the three most important tasks of the rabbi as identified by our members are:

-To be a counselor, healer and spiritual caretaker for the congregation, one who visits the sick and is a confidential counselor to our congregants with an open heart and mind.

-To be an innovative, visionary, and inclusive leader who will focus on the big picture with the congregation to achieve common goals.

-To be an inspirational teacher with the ability to teach both adults in ongoing religious classes and to help cultivate young Jewish minds through religious school, Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation and Confirmation.

The rabbi advises and provides halachic interpretation for the congregation and Board.  The rabbi also supervises kashrut, administrative staff, develops and presents educational opportunities for both youth and adults, and guides our Board, committees, and organizations to make decisions based on moral and spiritual best practices of Judaism.  The rabbi serves as a role model for the congregation and community in the practice of Tikkun Olam and represents us in the greater-Wilmington area as an ambassador for Bnai Israel and the Jewish community.

Community Description:

Wilmington is a wonderful place to live and work. The area attracts residents with its lower cost of living, vibrant arts and cultural scene, educational opportunities (through the presence of a nationally recognized large regional public university and community colleges), beautiful beaches, a historic district with a mile-long Riverwalk, and an outstanding medical system.

Bnai Israel is a strong, financially secure congregation established in 1898, with a rich history, and a dedication to Conservative Judaism. That said, we are progressive and open to new ideas and the changes that come with time. We have a beautiful building with a sanctuary that is currently undergoing renovation and updating. Some key points about our congregation are:

We are a diverse, egalitarian congregation that seeks for every member to feel welcome.
We are a congregation that is dedicated to community both inside and outside the walls of Bnai Israel. While respectful of our congregation’s history, we are cognizant of the need to embrace the future.
Through membership and donations, we are in a position where we are financially stable which allows for the maintenance of all of the Bnai Israel property, including the building and cemetery.
Our Jewish community is home to Chabad of Wilmington and the historic Temple of Israel which is the oldest synagogue in North Carolina and one of the earliest Reform synagogues in the American South. We have active Hadassah and UJA organizations host the successful Wilmington Jewish Film Festival, now in its 7th year. We also have access to Kosher food at Trader Joes, Publix and Costco.

Some websites of interest for the Jewish community include:


For more information on the geographic area:


Work Remotely: no

Graduate of an accredited rabbinical seminary with experience serving a small congregation.

We are looking for a rabbi that can lead us in support of our Mission:

We are committed to serving the Jewish communities of Wilmington and the surrounding areas and providing for the study of Torah, education, tikkun olam, and a sense of community, egalitarianism and spiritual growth, all in accordance with the principles, values and traditions of Conservative Judaism.





Position Start Date: July 1, 2020

Pension contribution
Major Medical Insurance – Hospitalization
Convention Allowance/Continuing Education
Income – Disability Insurance
Vacation- 4 weeks PTO

Salary Range: Negotiable, based on experience
Send resumes and cover letter to:

rabbisearch.bnaiisrael@gmail.com AND kate.bnaiisraelilm@outlook.com

About Bnai Israel Congregation

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